The player of the unnamed Guardian Li Wenlei is Hu Dandan

Character description:

She is a telecommunications expert, from a high -dry family, a red Miao Zheng, a strong skill, and even slightly better than Yang Cheng.

Hu Dandan, a Chinese female singer, actor, model, Nanchang, Jiangxi, graduated from Beijing Film Academy, and is now a graduate student of Beijing Film Academy.In 2011, he participated in the TV series "Police Heroes".In May 2012, the original single "Sweet Concerto" was launched, and in June, the original single "You Are Not Being by You" was launched in June.In 2013, he appeared in the movie "The Biography of the Gods".The single "Stupid Woman" in 2014 starred in the TV series "Fragrant" in the same year, and launched two music single "My Most Beautiful" and "Always by You".In 2016, he starred in the Republic of China abuse idol drama "Love Song"; in the same year, he starred in the family idol drama "Girlfriend Married".In 2017, he starred in the Republic of China spy war idol drama "Hunting Wolf".