In February 1917, Hu Shi's "Eight Vernacular Poems" was published in "New Youth". It was the initial attempt of the new poem. In May 1918, "New Youth" Volume 4 No. 1 was launched by Hu Shi, Liu Bannong, Shen Yinmo, New poems of vernacular are called "the first appearance of modern new poems." Yu Pingbo, Kang Baiqing and others also published a new vernacular poem.

Hu Shi published an epoch -making "Trial Collection" in March 1920. It is the first new collection of personal poems in the history of modern literature in my country. It is welcomed by readers. This is the first time in the history of modern poetry in history. Since then, more poets have begun to try the creation of vernacular poems, forming the first genre in Chinese literary history. The mature symbol of the poetry genre is the publishing of Hu Shi's "Try Collection", so it is generally called the attempts of modern Chinese poetry.

Representative poet: Hu Shi Liu Bannong Shen Yinmo Yu Ping Bo Kang Bai Love Liu Dabai

Literature Research Association The Life School is the Poetry School of Life

The Literature Research Association is the earliest literary society established in the "May 4th" new literature back movement. It was established in 1921. Representative poets mainly include Lu Xun, Bingxin, Zhu Ziqing, and Zhou Zuoren.

Both literary attitudes and creative practice tend to be realistic. Profitting "Literature is a job, and it is also a job that is very important in life." Zhu Ziqing, Ye Shaojun (Ye Shengtao), Liu Yanling, Yu Pingbo, etc. of the Literature Research Society established the first modern literary world in Shanghai New Poetry Society, China New Poetry Club, founded the first new poem "Poetry" in January the following year. There are also Shen Yanbing (Mao Dun), Ye Shaojun (Ye Shengtao), Liu Yanling, Yu Pingbo, Xu Di Shan, Wang Tongzhao, Guo Shaoyu, Zhou Zuoyuan, Sun Fuyuan, Zhu Xizu, Jiang Baili, Huang Luyin, Lao She, Lao She, Lao She, and Hu Yu Liu Bannong, Liu Dabai, Zhu Xiang, Xu Zhimo, and Peng Jiahuang joined. The number of members was as many as 170.

The poet of the Literature Research Association takes the concept of poetic value of "for life", so it is often called "life school" or "for life".

Representative poet: Lu Xun Bingxin Zhu Ziqing Zhou Zuotong Zhao Liu Yanling Zhu Xiang Liu Bannong Liu Dabai Xu Zhimo

Early romanticism of Creation Agency

Creation Agency is a modern literature society established in Shanghai, China from June to July 1921. It was co -founded by Guo Huihuo, Chengshangwu, Zhang Zifu, Tian Han, Zheng Boqi and others who returned from studying in Japan.

After the establishment of the creation, the "Creation Agency Book" edited and published, and the poem "Goddess" of Guo Huimo Huihuo was edited. In the second year, the "Creation Season" was published, and in 1923, the "Creation Weekly" and "China New News" were edited and published "Creation".

In the early stage, the creation agency advocated self -expression and individual liberation, and had a strong aesthetic lyric tendency, which played a considerable role in promoting China's new literature recovery. The poetry genre formed by the Creative Society is also called early romanticism.

In the later period, the younger generation of thoughts such as Feng Naichao and other creators participated. Among them, Wang Daqing, Mu Mitian, and Feng Naichao later joined the modern camp.

Representative poet: Guo Huimo Hui Ruozong Baihua Wang Duqing Feng Nai Super Mu Mu Tian