1 "One Kiss Fixed Love"

When it comes to Japanese dramas, it has to be directed by Morita Mori, who starred in the classic TV series "One Kiss" starring Kashihara Chong, Sato Laniko, Aoki Akiosa, and Ozawa Shinzu. This is a campus love TV series launched by Japan's Asahi TV in 1996, which is adapted from Tada Kaoru's "Naughty Little Dear". The play tells the story of the poor learning but cheerful and sincere Xiangyuan Qinzi who loves the genius teenagers in the enters of the genius, secretly secretly in love into Jiangzhishu, and gradually warmed the original indifferent heart. It was broadcast in China in 1998.

Because this drama is too classic, in 2013, Japan remakes "One Kiss and Display Love" again, and is played by the highly popular male star Kagawa Xiongi and the future Suixiang as the male and female masters, and achieved good results. Don't worry about the friends who have not watched the Japanese drama "One Kiss", then everyone must have watched the Taiwanese idol drama "Prank Kiss" starring Lin Yichen and Zheng Yuanchang. This drama is also adapted from Tada Kaoru's "Naughty Little Dear", which is the Chinese version of "One Kiss".

2 "Tokyo Love Story"

"Tokyo Love Story" is a love TV series launched by Fuji TV on January 7, 1991. Directed by Yongshan Gengsan and Ou Yan in this period, starring Suzuki Po Nami and Oda Yuji. The play is adapted from the manga of the same name. The realistic love story of the metropolis young men and women.

When I watched this drama, I was really abused by the heart and liver pain, why did all love stories have a perfect ending. " Alas, people are like this. Once they fall into love, they will easily stun their minds and sway. I think if I am finished, I am also difficult for me to choose in the face of the enthusiastic Lixiang and the beauty of traditional women!

3 "Late Night Cafeteria"

"Late Night Cafeteria" is a Japanese warm movie directed by Matsuoka Metrashi and starring Kobayashi Kobayashi, which was released in Japan on January 31, 2015. The film is adapted from Abe Yelang's comics of the same name. It tells the sorrowful story of the guests who are only open at night in a small restaurant that is only open at night.

This small restaurant is only open between 12pm and 7 am, so it is called "late night cafeteria". And those who are always busy until 12 o'clock in the evening, they will always come to the late night cafeteria for dinner. They drag their slightly tired bodies and their hearts. You say a word and share each other's experience and stories.

4 "Drowning Sword"

"Drowning Sword" is a love movie directed by Yamada Koji, starring Kobayashi Kai Nai and Putian, and was released on November 5, 2016. The film tells the story of Girls' Model Xiaya transferred to the countryside. When she encounters a unique temperament of Avang, the two attracted each other and experienced the love story of frustration and rebirth together.

Komatsu Nana, we all know, born in Tokyo, Japan on February 16, 1996, Japanese film and television actress and graphic model. With a siege face, he won the favor of the modeling world. In addition, due to the collaboration with the captain of the Korean top men's group BIGBANG to shoot the magazine, the scandal has also been increasing. However, it can be seen from the movie "Drowning Sword" that although Komatsu Nai is a model, his acting skills are still obvious to all.

5 "What to do if my brother loves me too much"

"What to do if my brother loves me too much" is a youth love comedy broadcast from April 13 to May 11, 2017 from April 13 to May 11, 2017. The play is directed by Hehe Yongn, and the Tsuchiya Taifeng, Shi Liang Tai and others starred. The play is also based on the comics of the same name of Naka Naiki. It is the pioneer TV series of the movie "What to do if my brother loves me too much". The story between Yao.

In 2017, the show was really a fire in China. At the same time, the male and female protagonist Tsuchiya Taifeng and Shi Liangtai have opened their popularity in China. Especially the male main film is too cool, both his image and temperament are different from other well -known male stars in Japan in the past, giving a clean and sunny feeling. At the same time, Pianwai Liangtai is also a popular Japanese male singer, film and television actor, a member of the Generations from Exile Tribe.