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Content preview: Chapter 1: The cool wind blows this treetop, making a rustling sound ... At night, the earth is caught in a dark ... All creatures have entered a sleeping state ... Forest forest. I don't know how long, the dawn of the dawn broke through the dark curtain, and came to the earth ... A small corner of the forest, a 13 or 4 -year -old boy leaned against the trunk beside him. The breeze fluttered gently, and the snow -white skin was very conspicuous in the surrounding of a bunch of green plants. The head sagged slightly, and the short hair blocked most of the face. I was contemplating, and seemed to be in small. "Squeak." A piece of fallen leaves fell lightly next to the teenager, making a sound that it was difficult to detect the meat of meat, but in such a quiet environment, how obvious it was. Sure enough, the teenager was shocked by this sudden voice. "Yeah? It's morning in the morning! Ah, ~~~~ I still want to sleep for a while," I moved a little stiff body. "It seems that I can only go back. Alas, really, I have to go to school to go to school ... Ah, by the way, there is a class of "extinction division too" today. If you are late, it will be miserable.

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