In fact, the so -called small -cost movies are that some directors may not have any popularity when they are fledgling, and they ca n’t sponsor investment, so they ca n’t afford it. Some so -called big -name stars. Isn't the most famous example a crazy stone? At that time, Ning Hao was not famous at all. No one was willing to invest in him. Finally, Liu Dehua invested in a movie. As a result, this movie not only won the director Ning Hao, but also the actor Huang Bo Lau also made a lot of money.

Most small cost literary films are not ideal because the box office is not ideal in the cinema line, and it is difficult to make funds in production funds. He has been nominated at the Busan International Film Festival), which is also the law of survival of such movies. The film's outpatient does not want to lose money, or find more companies to bear the cost of the film and recycle funds.

For novices or new directors, it can be used to practice hands, just like a small wave flower in the long river. It is also an instant to toss.

Small cost movies are closer to life.

I think small cost movies are also normal, and it is impossible when it is started. There is such a large capital to make a large -made video, which can accumulate some experience, as long as it is good to take it seriously.