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Bella is a unique girl. She does not love vanity, she will not pursue fashion like other girls, and she is unwilling to pretend to have a good relationship with the students who are unable to close. Because of her mother remarried, Bella moved to live with her father. In the new school, Bella met a boy named Edward. He was not the same as everyone he had met. Not only was he handsome, clever, and humorous, but he also had a common language with Bella. The two soon fell into love. However, Edward's true identity is actually a vampire. Since 1918, he has never become older. He can stop a flying car empty -handed and run over the lion, but unlike other vampires, Edward himself and him The family chose a unique lifestyle, and they did not drink human blood. With the deepening of the relationship, Edward must strongly control his bloodthirsty instincts because Bella is too close to himself. At the same time, the dead enemy of the Edward family also came to challenge, facing various difficulties. ?

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