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"Anti -Corruption Storm 5: Final Chapter"

Director: Lin Delu

Screenwriter: Huang Haohua

Starring: Gu Tianle, Zhang Zhilin, Zheng Jiaying, Xuan Xuan, Huang Zongze, Xie Tianhua, Zhang Jicong, Ye Yueyue

Type: action, crime

Production Country/Region: Hong Kong, China, Mainland China

Language: Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin

Release date: 2021-12-31 (mainland China)

Shop long: 95 minutes

Also known as: G Storm

Lu Zhilian (Gu Tianle) and Chief Investigation Director Cheng Deming (Zheng Jiaying) jointly investigated the smuggling corruption case, and accidentally found another case involving population sales of customs. The case is related to the head of the terrorist group, and the behind -the -scenes instrument to instruct Xiao Zhuoia (Xie Tianhua), and involves a number of senior leaders of Hong Kong Customs. Chief Justice Pang Emma (Xuan Xuan) is also related. The undercurrents are surging and confusing, when will the truth emerge ...