"Semi -Cooked Lovers" is a new love variety show. Unlike other love variety shows with 20 -year -old young and young, this variety show is mainly to focus on 30+ single men and women. , To be controversial by the majority of netizens, netizens have also scratched CP and constantly sighed that "the love of adults can be so sweet!".

As one of the female guests of the show, they were not popular at first, and she also said, "Everyone will like you, but I won't love you." However, as the show continued, Rolla's flashing point was discovered, so Yu Yue and Wang Neng had a good opinion of her, and even the new young male guest Wang Yucheng was interesting to her, so it was not strange that netizens Why is it ridiculed that this show is "Roche's World!" And what traits can Ralla attract male guest Wang Yocheng?

1. First of all, Rolla's face is high.

When Rolla appeared, she was not stunning. She walked over with a meatball head and wore a denim jacket, like a little girl. But when she put her hair down, the charm of intellectual women showed it. In the dating initiated by the boys, Rolla pumped Wang Yocheng. The two also talked nothing during the date, and the atmosphere was easy. And there is also a small detail. Lola said that Wang Yocheng did not wear glasses. After returning, he really didn't wear glasses.

2. Lola speaks to take care of the feelings of others, and has a strong empathy.

Although Rora sometimes cares about, she also pays great attention to the feelings of others. In the show, the guests talked about the thoughts of the dead relatives, and Rora served as a good listener. When Wang Yocheng mentioned the grandma who missed the death, he had tears in his eyes. Rala's ability was really strong, and it gave Yucheng a good comfort.

Every guest in "Half Cooked Lovers" is very good. The love of adults is really decent, and everyone is very frank. The male guest Wang Yucheng also left the hut in the latest episode. I want to have no regrets for him.

In fact, the main reason for him is to use a relationship to relieve another relationship. He wants to numb himself through a period of feelings, divert his attention in a timely manner, and paralyze his heart.

It is mainly to attract the attention of others, but also to find spare tires. In this way, if you want to increase your favorability, you will choose Rolla.

It is because he likes each other, and he knows the difficulties of the other party. This person is willing to pay for love, and the two of them are very good.

The reason behind was that Wang Yocheng felt that Lola gave him a sense of happiness and security, and Rolla's character was particularly able to get together with him.