1. What story is "Star and the Sea" tell

This is an urban inspirational drama. This type of TV series is still very popular. I still like watching it very much. This drama mainly tells a small town orphan girl Jane's love. Later, due to various reasons, I left her hometown and came to Guangzhou to work hard. Jian loved her to work hard all the way from the tea room. With her own hard work, she finally became a very inspirational story of the chairman of the multinational group. This drama is a life story that has experienced more than 20 years from the 1990s to 2014. In this drama, we can see that Jian Ai has the indomitable spirit in this drama. It is still worth our learning.

Second, the list of actors of "Star"

This drama is starred by Liu Tao and Lin Feng. In this drama, Liu Tao plays the lonely girl Jane Ai is a smart, kind -hearted person. Lin Feng plays Fang Hengzhi. In the play, Liu Tao Playing a couple, the two of them moved from the initial male strong and women to the influence of the autumn, and became the final life partner.

Third, what about Liu Tao's acting skills

I think her acting skills are still very good. Most of the characters she plays are positive energy, including the new drama "Star Sea" play in the drama. For so many years, she has been seriously trying to shoot, and basically has not appeared. The play she shot is basically very hot, such as "Langya List", "Ode to Joy", etc., which are very popular. Liu Tao is a standard beauty. She is beautiful and kind, and it feels very warm when laughing. I have watched her variety shows gradually attracted her intelligence. It is also easy to get along with the shelf of the stars at all. She has been loved by many people with her carefulness and independence. Now she is a good harvest in her career and love.

Tell a story of a migrant girl. A woman named Jian Ai came to work in a big city, but she was repeatedly frustrated. Every time she worked or entrepreneurial, she would not go smoothly. During this period, the heroine and the male lead met each other.

It tells the story of the heroine facing her life, redeeming herself, and letting himself a new life.

It mainly tells the strong life of the heroine, facing the suffering in inspiration, and then achieved herself.