Is the New Year's drama shortage? Although the quality of winter dramas is often relatively water, Vulture still selects 22 new dramas that have been promoted and returned in January and February this year for appreciation. The momentum of several new dramas is worthy of being optimistic. For example, HBO's key new work "Vinyl Age" and the adult animation "New York Fart", Showtime's financial theme drama "Billion Billion" has also been well received.

1. "The Shanara Chronicles"

MTV premiere on January 5th

Terry Brooks's "Sanra Sword" series of fantasy novels and "Lord of the Rings", "Legend of Dihai", "Dragon Gun" are equivalent to fantasy novels. The first season of Langa Legend is based on the second book "Fantasy Elf Stone" as a blueprint. The film was filmed in New Zealand in the treasured land of fantasy film and television dramas. Unfortunately, the first and second episodes of the first and second episodes of sincerity were not good.

2. "American Crime" (American Crime)

The second season returned in ABC on January 6

"Twelve Years of Nu" won the discussion of society and racial issues for the screenwriter John Ledley, and wrote a new drama "U.S. Heavy Case" that continued to shock after a racial murder. After the premiere in March last year, the comments are generally good. After all, there will never be too humble comments in the correct American politics film.

Now that Ryder returns to the second season, it still uses the original class of the previous season, but it will open a brand new story. The sexual harassment scandal tore off the scars of two high schools in Indiana. According to the comments, the momentum of the second season is good, and it is expected to save the failure of the second half of the first season.

3. "Todd Margaret)

Season 3 on IFC on January 7

A comedy can continue to live after four years, which is a great comfort for the old audience. In 2012, the leading actor Tot Tot Maglite (David Cross) burned his butt because of his mistakes from the United States to Britain. Three years later, is his butt still firing? It is said that the old faces are there, but the plot will have a great reversal.

4. "Shadowhunters)

Premiere on Freeform on January 12

Another fantasy drama, adapted from Kassandra Claire's youth fantasy series "Holy Grail Artifact". What is a little worried is that the series was filmed in 2013 and ended with a bad defeat. Now Freeform (formerly ABC Family) bravely accepts the challenge, takes the entire series as a blueprint for the first season of 13 episodes, and has added new characters and plots. Unfortunately, the evaluation is still poor. The plot and the relationship between the characters are chaotic. Only the figure and face value can be seen. Is the fantasy drama shot for teenagers to be so low?

5. Colony

Premiere on USA on January 14

USA's ambitions are quite great. After the well -known "Matrix" produced, it launched a new supernatural drama in winter. The macho in "Lost", Josh Harloway, and "Sheriff Mrs. Sheriff" in "The Walking Dead", Sarah Wayne Calis, played an opponent's drama. plot. Whether it is wonderful or not is too optimistic based on the comments.

6. "idiotSitter)

On January 14th, premiered on Comedy Central

In recent years, rarely cable TV networks are like Comedy Central so popular, and a "Southern Park" has burst into word of mouth. The new winter drama "Fool Nanny" was only played on the Internet at the beginning of the birth, and now it has also entered TV. Starring Charlotte Newhaus is also one of the main creators. He plays a graduate of a downfall Ivy League school, but he works for a full -time nanny.

7. "Angie Tribeca)

Premiere on TBS on January 17

This time, the new drama by Steve Carol (starring and executor of the "Highlights") and his wife Nangaxi as the producer will no longer take the famous LAPD (Los Angeles Police Station (the Los Angeles Police Station Elite team) hold the altar. They will tell the story of this group of "no intuitive" police elites with irony.

Rashda Jones will appear in the "solo" police officer who is ten years old. Her biological parents will star in the role of the role in the play!

8. "Billions" (Billions)

On January 17th on Showtime premiere

The rare financial theme large -made American drama, the star lineup is shiny, and Demin Lewis played the hedge fund billionaire Bobby Axelrod, his opponent is the judicial minister played by Paul Giamati Chake Rosz. Rose suspected Axel Rhoder's financial fraud, and the two started a contest.

After the episode was broadcast, it has been praised. Although it is inevitable that most of the American dramas like to make mystery, the roughly good financial knowledge can at least make people who are panicked in the stock market to find reference and recognition.

9. "Mercy Street)

Premiere on PBS on January 17

If you think this is a British drama played in PBS, this is wrong. This is the first era of the first American TV network to produce for more than ten years. The six episodes of the first season tells the story of a group of medical staff of the wounded of the war during the American Civil War. 0

10. "Agent Carter)

The second season returned in ABC on January 19

You who like Marvel and you set up in the 1940s, the second season of "Agent Carter" returned. The "Captain America" ​​girlfriend Carter, played by Hayley Atville, came to Los Angeles from New York. The cute Javis couple appeared in stunning, and the mysterious Florist couple finally showed evil. In the era of innocence, it is suitable for nostalgia!

11. "Baskets)

Premiere on FX on January 21st

There has always been no shortage of people in the middle -aged male comedy, and FX's story tells the story of the clown Chip Baskitz, played by Zach Galifan Nakis. He eager to become a admirable clown, kicked out by a clown school in Paris because he could only come to California because he was poor. He was a cowboy!

12. "DC" S Legends of Tomorrow)

Premiere on CW on January 21st

Atomians, frozen captains, heat waves, fire storms (doctors), eagle girls, time hunters, and Platinum Silk birds gather together to fight against Vandal Savage, who wants to destroy the world and time. Many comments said that the quality of the show is very average, and it is a sincere work of making money. DC fans can identify it.

13. "London Spy" (London SPY)

On January 21 on BBC America premiere

Big Cass -Ben Weixiao and Edward Horkrovt, and Charlotte Lanplin in "45 Years", homosexuality, suddenly dying lover, spy war, and burning brain. The new drama has a lot of good -looking elements, and the evaluation is very good after being broadcast.

14. "The X-FILES)

Season 10 January 24-25 returns at FOX on FOX

How many people watched the last episode of the ninth season of "X File" 14 years ago and started to wait for the tenth season. As a result, I accidentally waited for so long? The protagonist is still the old face, and it is still an alien plus conspiracy theory, but the strong cloudy day feels gone, probably the relationship between picture quality progress.

In the tenth season, he was filmed as a 6 episodes of mini dramas. Whether the audience testing the current water still loves to watch this ancient god drama.


15. "Lucifer)

FOX premiere on January 25

It is another drama with comic characters as the protagonist. The protagonist this time is Lucifer. The throne of the king of hell made him bored. Lucif decided to settle in Los Angeles to open a bar, and to tease all beings to assist the Los Angeles police to punish criminals.


16. The Magicians

Syfy premiere on January 25

The sexy adult version of "Harry Potter", "Magic" tells the story that happened in a senior magic school. There were 13 episodes in the first season, adapted from Lev Groasman's fantasy novel of the same name.


17. "You and the APOCALYPSE)

On January 28, premiered on the NBC

It is said that the extent of the drama's brain is about to catch up with "Rick and Moti"! A group of ordinary people hid in a basement after learning that the Earth would be destroyed and prepared to watch the earth destruction through live broadcast, and a small society formed.


18. "American Crime Story"

Premiere on FX on February 2nd

The play's plan is a legendary and controversial case in the American history. The first season is 1994-1995's infamous "Simpson Killing Wife Case". Cass is more dazzling, David Hugh, Sarah Paulson, and Little Cooper Goodin are all listed.



Premiere on HBO on February 5th

After the premiere of the St. Dandas Film Festival in January 2015, "New York Fart" was renewed in HBO in one fell swoop. The description is a bit similar to "Ma Nan Pojack". A group of highly personalized New York animal farts are the protagonists. The style of painting is nostalgic and meticulous.


20. "Vinyl" (vinyl)

It was released in HBO on February 14th

The highly anticipated new drama will be co -organized by HBO's Broadway Empire Creative Team, Mick Jagel, and George Marstras in "Desperate Poison Division". When you hear Jagel's name, you can guess the content of the episode -those things in the New York music circle in the 1970s. In addition to the virtual characters starred by actors, Lu Ride, Alice Kuber, David Johnson also "appeared" in the play.


21. "Save Kennedy" (11.22.63)

On February 15th, premiered on Hulu

If you can cross time and space back to the day of the assassination of President Kennedy Kennedy on November 22, 1963, will you choose to reverse history?The heroine played by James Frank is a high school teacher, and he faces such a challenge.Can he succeed?The episode is adapted from Stephen Kim's novel of the same name. The master also personally participate in the screenwriter. It seems that it is expected to become a good -looking suspense drama.0

22. "Better Call Saul)

The second quarter of February 15th returns in AMC

Although the derivative drama of "Desperate Poison" does not guarantee that the quality must be as good as the mother drama, it has been broadcast for a season of "Stranging Lawyer" and was nominated for four Emmy Awards with his own ability.During this season, the protagonist went to a crossroads, and the audience would find that he chose an unexpected way.Source Surging News reporter)

"American Crime Story: Civil Prosecution Simpson"

"American God"

"Legend Tomorrow"

"Luke Cage"

"Most Wanted"

Shadow hunter