"Source of the City" is a costume palace love drama, Brook, AUMP, Noon, etc. produced by Daravdo.

The play mainly tells the story of Princess Maen Muang of Chiang-NGERN and Prince Sukkawong in the neighboring country.

There are three children in the king of Chiang-NGERN, Prince NOR MUNANG, Princess Maen Muang (AUMP), Princess Ming La, Prince Sukkawong (Brook) in the neighboring country, and loves Princess Maen Muang at the funeral at the funeral again.And deeply fell in love with Princess Maen Muang.But Maen excluded him because he was different from Sukkawong's political opinion.

But her sister Ming La fell in love with sukkawong. In order to be with Sukkawong, she begged Maen Muang to help her escape and threatened Sukkawong. But in the end, she could not marry Sukkawong. She was married to other countries and was married to other countries.Soon the king's most beloved concubine.

And Princess Maen Muang also obeyed the king's words to marry sukkawong, and soon had children. Is the story of the princess and the prince ended there or what kind of storm?