My mother is a doctor in a hospital. She has a short black hair. There is a pair of eyes with a pair of eyes under the curved eyebrows. There is a pair of glasses on the tall nose.

Mom likes helping others the most. As soon as she answered the phone, she would go out immediately to see the patient and start her job. Do you know why my mother likes to help others? Let me tell you! It turns out that my grandfather and grandma are all patients, and patients need help. Therefore, as soon as the mother received a call from the patient, I immediately found the car to the scene, and I was so good. If some patients lost their temper, but Mom is still patiently explaining the treatment. This is a very hard job. However, because of her mother's efforts, there are more and more patients looking for her! I also went to school in my mother's behavior to be morality, starting from small things to help others.

Mom hurts me! I remember that I was heating at the age of five. In the more than ten days when I went to the hospital, my mother always helped me cook and feed me to drink water. I often sit next to me at night to help me turn over. She also often touched my head, and said with concern, "Yueyue, you are a strong child, you have to hold it up." She also told me a story, played chess with me, let me distract my energy, reduce the pain Essence Whenever I always shed tears.

My mother is very hardworking. Every day, I wake up and cook breakfast for me and my dad. Almost all housework was done by her. She can see her busy figure besides going to work.

Mom is not only hardworking, but also cares about my learning. She often helped me check my homework, and explained to me patiently when there was something wrong. When she didn't learn the utensils, she always tried to help me find it. Remember once I said to my mother, "I need a red pen to change my homework, can you help me find one?" My mother immediately agreed, I promised, Soon it really brought me a red pen.

I think my mother's daughter is really happy!


my mom

I suddenly had some hesitation. My mother had too many things I wanted to record, but at this time, I didn't know what the side could make the mother's figure clearer. My mother is very ordinary. She is just a similar mother in tens of millions of families. She loves her husband like every wife, loves her child like every mother, and loves her like every housewife The family, so that I don't know what kind of language I can use to describe her more accurately. I just understand that in this life, my mother is the one I love the most, the most grateful, the most trustworthy and the most dependent.

My mother was very diligent. She was born in a peasant family to cherish the opportunity to learn. She experienced the pain of missed school. So in the era when the college entrance examination had not been resumed, her mother stood out among thousands of students with her outstanding academic performance and obtained a number of high schools. When I was young, my father was not at home all year round, and my mother took me in Jinan alone. She took the self -study exam, but she had to insist on going to work and took care of me. She couldn't take the complete time to study at all. So she recorded her homework into the tape, and she listened over and over again. On the winter night, my mother rode the old -fashioned Golden Deer bicycle through half of the Jinan City to listen to the counseling class; on the hot summer night, my mother fanned a big pan fan driving a mosquito to coax me to sleep in her hand and flipped the textbook. In the 1980s of the self -study exam, her mother passed various exams and became the first batch of self -study graduates in Shandong Province. Now that she wants to come, she must take all the housework, take care of me, pick up me to school, and tutor my homework. It is not easy to complete her own studies on time! Over the New Year, my mother has never given up studying. Her good learning and hard work is the peak that I have not been able to climb.

My mother is very independent. My mother hopes that I can live a happy and rich life with my hands. My mother always warns me like this, hiking life, I must grasp myself, use myself, and fully reflect the value of my life. And my mother used her own actions to let me know how to be an independent person. In the years when Dad worked abroad, whether it was changing gas tanks or changing light bulbs, the mother arranged our lives in a well. Although there are many difficulties in life, strong mothers can always try to overcome them. For me as a child, my mother is like a generous sea. There is a mother who is there. No difficulty is a problem. Moms are not only injecting the blood of motherly love in my life, but also that I want to enjoy the strength of my life and the truth of being a human.

My mother is ordinary. It is an instinct to love my children. Her love for me has made me exhausted in this life. From my crashing to the ground, toothing to grow up, my mother has been impossible to measure in life and study. When I was a kid, my home was very difficult, and my mother saved money to ensure that I eat an egg every day. Every time my mother bought the eggs at the beginning of the month, I carefully picked up the eggs into a small basket. There was a small wish in the small basket that was a child. At the end of the month, you can leave a few more big ones and leave it to your mother. Then I went to elementary school. At that time, my mother was sitting next to me to read me, but I was afraid that when I was writing, I was wrong when I first learned the writing order. In the later junior and high school 6 years, my mother got up at 5:30 in the morning to make breakfast for me. Whether her body was good or bad, this habit could not move. Mom's love is more than two thousand in the early morning, accompanied by the rising sun on me, warming my heart. The days passed by day, and my mother's white hair climbed up the horns, as if the gray and white from the sky shocked me. But I don't want to admit that my mother is old. I always thought that the hair could be dyed black, and I could wear a flower mirror when I spent my eyes. In my corner, she needed me to help her walk through the road with a lot of people with her. At this moment, my heart was sore in my heart. Mom started to rely on her daughter, because her daughter grew up, her mother was old. Once in my heart, I was so high -shore to protect the person who took care of me to take care of me. When I accidentally discovered that she had begun to protect my care. Admit that my mother is old. Although I still unconsciously hold my hand when I cross the road, I know that my mother needs me to protect it at this moment. This sad and inevitable fact is presented in front of me in my mindless preparation. Since then, my mother's gray hair has begun to grow in my heart, and I finally understand that my mother is not omnipotent and omnipotent. She is also an ordinary person, the same as those of our sons and daughters.

If possible, I would rather return to my whine, crying for my mother to buy me a few cents for me, and when my mother finally agreed, my mother finally agreed. If possible, I want to pray that God will turn all the white hair of my mother and smooth my mother's wrinkles. If possible, I would like to pray for the sun to look at my mother and my smile every day, so that we will always be together.

If these are difficult to achieve, then I can do one thing. I will let my mother see these words and let her know that her daughter will always love her.

I love my mother, always, forever ...

Time, green banana, red cherry, shuttled between the four seasons. The sun and moon reincarnation, walking back on the way to grow back, I walked into the campus of junior high school with a naughty little girl, and on the way to growth. Her figure was swaying in front of my eyes. Behind the example of growth, but Flowing her sweat.

She, my ordinary and amiable mother! On my way, she taught me how to be a man.

I remembered that when I was holding an unsatisfactory transcript, I walked around at the door, I thought you would scold me a meal. When I opened the door, I was stunned. You were laughing at me, and the smile was so sweet. When I saw my tears, you hurriedly helped me win the schoolbag and wiped the tears on my face. When I hand the transcript to your hand, you are not angry, but told me the wrong questions in detail. It won't be second again until I know it. The starry sky was too beautiful that day, and the memory that day became the most beautiful memory of my growth. Mom, you taught me, failure is not terrible. The terrible thing is that you can't correct the error in real time. What is the calculation of a failure of a test? Just change it as long as you know the mistake. Mom, you taught me to be a child who knew it.

Mom, do you remember? That day, the two of us walked on the road together, when you saw a aunt holding the child with a lot of dishes. You took the initiative, took the dishes in the hand of the aunt, and sent her to the door of the house. Since then, a seed of helping others has been buried deep in my young heart, and it has sprouted and grows under the pouring of your mother. Mom, you taught me to be a helpful child!

Mom, you will always save the bottle at home and sell it to the uncle who collects waste products. You let me know that it is diligent and thrifty. When traveling, you will always look for trash cans, put the garbage that takes a long time in your hands, and you teach me to protect the environment ...

Mom, you taught me too much.

I am really grateful to you, taught me how to be a person! Be a capital "person", be a "person" who goes through a hundred battles, be a "person" who is not afraid of failure, and be a person who is confident to welcome tomorrow!