Chen Yiru

Art Name: Chen Yiru Name: Eason Calvin Japanese Name: Calvin Japanese Writing: ケ ル ビ ン Kerubin Boss Height: 184 CM Weight: 65kg Birthday: November 10, 1980, handsome, Yusu

Zodiac: Monkey Constellation: Scorpio degree: Taipei City, Germany, Little Taipei City, Ming and Germany, Taipei City, Taipei City, Vancouver Simon Fraser University University of Vancouver, the University of UNIVERSITERSITOF VICTOF VICTORIA Master Economic Blood Type A Family Members: Mom, Mom and Sister Fan: Fans of Moms and Sisters: Confucian fan slogan: also loves Confucianism and always calls Confucianism and Confucianism. Favorite color: blue and white interest: fitness tennis singing personality: humorous and funny language: Mandarin, Taiwanese, English, Cantonese expertise: respond quickly to siege joke B-box physical condition: MVs taken by gastroenteritis: shooting: shooting: shooting The advertisement shot by the "uncomfortable" music videos of the song selection champion of the current creation: a bunch of advertisements for a bunch of Vancouver's Vancouver Sunshine Boy Public Welfare Activities, about 5 girls. Movies: Many, but I like any movie performed by Nicholas Cage. His acting skills are really nothing to say: It ’s better to say that it is a musical type hip pop and r & b favorite actor: Liang Chaowei Wu Zhenyu's favorite Japanese artist: Kimura Takuya likes it. Comics: Boys love to watch, such as the country where the Qi Dragon Ball Slam Dunk is the most wanted to go: Canada is like my second home. After all, I stayed for 7 years. I want to travel around the world. HIP POP and R & B's favorite food: JAPANESE FOOD and WEST FOOD .. Sushi, seafood, grilled ribs (cow and sheep can be available), what is scared: good but not sad things such as falling in love or love or love or love or love The most impressive thing such as quarreling with friends: 7 years ago, who has been living in Canada alone has always been a person who has taken it alone for 7 years. What do you do with all fans: You will know more about you when you meet more. I will work hard to remember your name. As long as you see me, I can't call your name and remind me again until I remember before I was an artist. What jobs have you been engaged in: I have worked as a school university assistant in the Canadian Institute of Normal University in the Canadian Institute: Style: Polarization sometimes very casual, sometimes I love to wear a handsome first love and first kiss. : It's so personal, but it's not much more than 5 times, what kind of people who hate? Calvin famous saying: shakespear says: to be or not to be, that's a question..ha ha dream: a good break in the entertainment industry Grade This is my biggest wish. Drama: 2005 "Prank Kiss" guest appearance in the last episode of Xiangqin Naoki, when Naoki went ashore to send an umbrella, the 2005 "Ultimate Class" decorated with Wang Arthur (male No. 2) 2007 "Ultimate Family" as King Gulai Lanling (male No. 2), Wang Arthur (guest) 2007 "Princess Little Girl" as Nan Fengcai (male No. 2) 2009 "The Ultimate Three Kingdoms" decorated with Arthur (guest) 2009 "Peach Blossom Girl" as Xue Zhiqiang (Male No. 2) 2010 "Ai Like Baihui" showed Xing Dae (Male No. 1) 2010 Sunshine Angel Calvin (guest) Host: Japan and South Korea Music Crazy Korean Drama Pink Lipstick Reporter Association Host Entertainment Episode 100 Episode 100 Class Complete Entertainment Host+Guest Episode 1 20110516 ~ 0517 Class HIT FM Play VJ Starring MV Fanhai — Can't Love Filipular Sea — SEXY GIRLLLL

Edit this paragraph Wang Dongcheng

Real -name: Wang Dongcheng's stage name: Wang Dongcheng English name: Jiro Jiro East & MUA

Nickname: Dadong, summer, Dongdong, Dongbao, Dong Da Nose, Wang Dadong, Sister Wang, Jun Men Height: 181cm Birthday: August 24, 1981 Zodiac: Chicken Blood Type: Type O Constellation: Virgo Nationality: Chinese ancestor: Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province: Han family status: Mom and father (died early) academic qualifications: Longshan Kindergarten, Longshan Elementary School, Dali Junior High School, Fuxing Arts (Guang Saike) Interest: Fitness, Painting, Playing Guitar, Play Band Language : Mandarin, English, Taiwanese, Cantonese expertise: styling, singing, painting, acting weight: 67kg three sizes: bust (37 inches); waist circumference (29 inches); hips (37 inches) physical condition: suffer from asthma when he was a kid, suffering from asthma when he was a kid Diseases have always had rhinitis, and the vocal cords were suffered (the sound of "egg fried rice" was lost). When filming "The Ultimate Family", he got conjunctivitis in order to play Ghost Dragons and wearing contact lenses. In 2008, he was damaged because of shooting "Love House". Personality: serious dedication and enthusiasm; there are funny talents (known as the comedian in the idol world, idols in the comedian industry) like to use nose sounds to coquettish with their mother and girlfriend, sometimes quiet and cute. Shoes: 7.5 Mantra: It is really necessary to be fake! Intersection Intersection Intersection The most embarrassing thing: the most memorable thing in clothes when shopping: the favorite color of the high school graduation ceremony: black and white sky earth color future goals: loved artists to serve everyone's favorite artist for the purpose of serving the purpose : Hide, Kimura Takuya, G-Dragon Hyde, Oriental Koschen's favorite heterosexual type: filial piety and cooking, the most important thing is that mothers also like. I like to eat things: there is nothing that I like to eat or not: 1. Do not eat beef at all; 2. Soft and disgusting foods, such as gourd, eggplant, etc.; 3, sweets; 4. In order to protect the throat to protect your throat , Try not to eat spicy and fried foods, the favorite cartoon characters: Seven Dragon Ball -Sun Wukong, Stick Fan Name: East East China (Dadong's favorite is this called this), Sunflower, Ultimate Tieke Guard, Dongcheng Angel Defender , East Rice, Peach Blossom, Fan Slogan: East Linko, Charming City, All the way to the east, unwavering, and guarding the most important Dong self -introduction: "My appearance may be a bit cold, but in fact, it is very wild in the heart. The enthusiastic and understanding of the Ponk -type lead singer, the beautiful boy who comes from the Asian planet in the other, can also call me Jiro East. It exists in a fan -like space. Is the hands of the door and window? Some, only believe, believe in yourself, and create a fairy tale miracle that guards the 1/2. "Performance experience: The drama" Listening to the Stupid Goldfish Sing "has not been broadcast in 2003 Division played — Sangtian 2004 "No. 8 Passenger Shop 2" played — Liu Yuzhe, Lin Ziqiang (guest) 2005 "Prank Kiss" played — Jin Yuanfeng (Male 2) 2005 "Ultimate Class" played — Wang Dadong (male male No. 1) In 2006, "Fantastic Boy Girls" played — Jin Xiuyi (Male No. 2) 2007 "The Ultimate Family" played — Xia Lanjide Tian (Male No. 1), Ghost Dragon, Wang Dadong, Zack 2007 "Prank 2 Kiss 2 Kiss "Played -Jin Yuanfeng (Male No. 2) 2008" Roll!饭 — Mi Qilin (Male No. 1) 2009 "Love to House together" played — Mars (MARS) (Male No. 1) 2009 "The Ultimate Three Kingdoms" played — Wang Dadong &; Sun Ce (guest) & Lan Yede Tian (Chuan Yin Chi Chi) In 2009, "Peach Blossom Girl" played — Shi Lang (Male No. 1) in 2010 "Sunshine Angel" as Jiro (guest) "Absolute Darling" as Niger (Male 1 "(Male 1 No.) In 2011, "Purple House" played Li Yi (Male No. 1) to participate in MV Lingqi- "Harbin Top" Makiyo- "Back to You" Zhang Huimei- "Remember" Liang Jingru — "Happy Breakfast" chorus version of "Fly" Away "Liu Ruoying-" The Sales of the Start "TANK-" Give me your Love "Zhuo Wenxuan-" The Rainbow of the Never Disappen "Liu Liyang-" Tears Laughing "tank — starring in" Sunshine Mei "starring MV Flywheel Sea-stay tank tank tank -"If I Become a Memory" Personal Clothing Brand MUA-JO founded a photo "Van Gogh and I: Picky Pixels in Wang Dongcheng" (now published) on February 14, 2010 (now published) edited "Variety National Citizen" Editor Wu Zun ( Leave the group)

Real name: Wu Jizun Chun Wu Zun

Name: Wu Zun Yingwen Name: GOH KIAT Chun Nickname: Zun, Azun, Xiaobai, Zun Shao, Food God, Ji Zun, Xiao Zun Height: 181cm Gender: Male birth date: October 10, 1979 Family conditions: Daddy: Dad Mom (who has passed away) brother and sister fan name: Ji Fan, Zun relatives, respecting fans, Tianying gang the crowd, sucking the little fairy, Zunfan fan slogan: Wei Wu Duzun, Wu Bi Zun, respect and love, Wu Ke instead of language: Mandarin: Mandarin: Mandarin: Mandarin: Mandarin: Mandarin , Taiwanese, English, Malay, Cantonese expected marriage age: 35 years old Shoes No. 45: Bust 40 waist circumference 31 hip circumference 38 Career: Brunei Fitness Zone fitness center CEO singer film and television actor Type Constellation: Libra Nationality: Brunei Darussalam, Brunei Darussalam, Brunei: Fujian Golden Gate is currently resident: Taipei Physical Status: Patriotic Patriotic Height: 73kg Education and Profession Personality: Shy, forgetful, career is the most habit: eating, playing basketball, cooking, doing housework, fitness, reading, listening to music, traveling mantra: No; yes; Idols: Michael Jordan, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jol IE, favorite color: black, blue, orange favorite food: except greasy food, others can like music: as you want to do with your mood, it depends on your mood. Favorite movies: "Heroes", that is, "Braveheart", also known as "Brave Heart", the favorite flower: Lily's most want to cooperate with the film actor: Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Zhao Weichu's love age: 16 -year -old love heterosexual type: For me The most important thing is the feeling, filial piety, unpretentious girl. The most annoying thing: Lost the most important food around me: the biggest wish of fatty and greasy things: Be a good and successful person in life, do the most memorable thing: take care of the dead mother to do The last regret: I didn't spend enough time to be by her mother before the death of my mother, causing a lot of regrets. I have done the most courageous thing: I continue to pursue my career in the entertainment industry in Taiwan [Participate in TV series] 2005 "Ultimate Class" as Tian Hongguang (guest) 2005 "Oriental Juliet" as Ji Fengliang (Male No. 1) 2005 "Prank Kiss" (guest appearance) last episode, standing behind the pure beauty of farmers at the time of marriage, when it was long at the time, it was long at the time. Send 2006 "Fantastic Boy Girls" as Zuo Yiquan (Male No. 1) 2007 "Princess Little Girl" as Nan Fengjin (Male No. 1) 2007 "Ultimate Family" decorated with flames (guest) 2008 "Basketball Fire" decorated with Wuji Zun (Male No. 3) 2010 "Sunshine Angel", also known as "Sunshine Little Girl" as Di Yaxin (Male No. 1), has killed youth [Participating in Movies] 2008 "Sword Butterfly" as Liang Zhongshan 2009 "Jin Yiwei" as the heavenly eagle gang Lord -Do desert judge 2010 "Da Wusheng" is decorated with Guan Yilong (has been killed) 2011 "Yang Family General" as Yang Liulang [Starring MV] SHE — What to do tank — Exclusive Angel Fanhai — Feeling your distress Edit Yalun Aaron This paragraph.

Refining: Wu Genglin's stage name: Yan Yalun Nickname: Abu (Origin: Aaron likes Kobe Bryant) Aaron, Lunbao, Yan Child, Yan Tianwang, Mrs. Yan, Yan Abu, Yan DD English name: Aaron/Arron ( Because the name Aaron is a bit ordinary, Aaron wrote as ARRON when signing the signature, and the same is true of the blog) Height: 177cm Birthday: November 20, 1986

Zodiac: Tiger Blood Type: O -Type: Scorpio Favorite Type: Tall Piece plus cute weight: 55kg family members: Dad (Wu Mingxiu), Mom (Lin Huixian), sister (Wu Yan) Pet: Monk (named sister also made a lot of a lot People misunderstood Abu's sister) Cookie (because Lun was afraid of his sister's boring, and bought another one) born place: Taipei City, Taiwan Province: The doll of dolls in Quanzhou, China: the one of Mr. Bean ~ Stick. Waiting for education: Yu Nong Elementary School -Hongdao Junior High School -Chengyuan High School -Department of Journalism of Cultural University, current Jingwen University of Science and Technology Application English (graduated) language: Mandarin, English, Taiwanese, Japanese hobbies: basketball , Dancing, singing, making friends, love and funny instruments I want to learn recently: guitar (almost learned) Dream of childhood: standing on the international stage to show song art, dance art personality: change but most of the time, but get along well, but get along well. But now even Calvin said that Aaron is a happy fruit in Feifei: you must be full before recording, the towels are often changed, and the pillow jacket often changes the fan name: Pudding, Yan Shuai Yulin Army, Lun Fan, Lun Baby, Motor Lun Lun Family, Yan Empire, and Red Army (Yan Yalun Global Support Association will be red because of the meeting, and Aaron remembers them, so this special child is called the Red Army.) Fans slogan: Aibu Shen Lun, Yan Zei Asia, Lun trapped the world's popularity in Asia, Wu Yulun, Ai Lun does not regret the impression of fans: very cute, cold and hot, not only with appearance, but also talent, there is a lot of room for progress, very hard, very intimate, very intimate, very intimate, very intimate, very intimate, very intimate, very intimate, very intimate, very intimate reality. I am very concerned about fans. It's definitely good to friends. It is a very advanced child. Sirarios: 36 28 36 Specialty: Piano piano flute basketball singing and dancing, Xiao Ti (have learned), guitar, drum (learning) singers who want to cooperate in the future: Eason Chan, Jay Chou, Wang Lihong's favorite groups: Boat Orchestra, SHE, Mayday the most Favorite actor: Andy Lau's favorite male singer: Lin Junjie and Lin Zhiying Zhang Xueyou (Want to enter the Feifei concert, Aaron's solo with Jacky Cheung's song "You Along the Way" and want to enter the Feifei concert Hangzhou Station Shang Aaron also sang Eason Chan's "Long Time") The favorite female singer: Yang Yanlin Lady Gaga (Abu said to learn from Lady Gaga in the fourth album) Liang Jingru (like her song) ) Favorite actress: Angelina Julieyo's most want to go to the country: Water City Venice (I heard that there is almost flooded there) The favorite music type: Soul, ROCK, POP, R & B, Hard, jazz favorite What: something that is interested (receiving fans' charity donation is happier than receiving gifts, so interested fans and friends need to donate more) Favorite color: purple, blue, black and green yellow (like white favorite white Because you like clean colors, you think you are most suitable for blue, because some melancholy.) The favorite basketball idol: Kobe Bryant's most masterpiece: sweet and sour fish, the super cute Abu of the pasta noodles With sister

Favorite food: big scallops, prawns, Yamasu meat pine, chocolate favorite dishes: light and delicious Shanghai cuisine most often go to the business street: Eastern District also has the new things recently learned by Xinyi Commercial District: Girls type: Personality is more important, proper figure, natural, not strong dress, naughty, cute, lively, cheerful and most annoying girl type: girls who are unnatural and thick makeup, girls who are cheating, girl who tastes, cold blood is not filial, not filial piety, not filial piety, not filial piety, Bubble socks have the opportunity to try the most: journalists, music teachers have collected things from childhood: stamps, piano, movie tickets, jerseys, player posters, Kobe's videos of each game, where the most appreciated themselves: TV shows: TV series The eyes of my eyes hate themselves: narcissistic musical instruments: flute, piano, guitar breakfast fixed menu: bacon and toast most hopeful talents are: more creative inspiration to make you impress the most memorable things: first love of first love Heartbreaking and shooting "Thunderbolt MIT" found what to deal with his girlfriend cheating: break up! I suffer from pain, because I was willing to be willing. When will you feel lonely: there are no love and work, there are friends. The most embarrassing thing: When shooting "Thunderbolt MIT", because of the problem of pants, he showed gray underwear. He was also seen by the staff. He talked about a few loves: private problems, and did not disclose first love: Guo II (about 14 years old (about 14 years old (about 14 years old (about 14 years old (about 14 years old , Serious early love) Dream: What will be reached in the future is what my dream wants to say to fans the most: Thank you for your support, I will work hard on the road of acting now! Strive to make myself grow up, I will not give up. I hope you should not give up what you want to say to your family members: Each of you is very intimate and cute. We are going to go to college together ... (No) Each of you must take good care of your body and you must be healthy every day! Intersection real! Intersection No matter where you go, the heart is sent to you to send you to you to send you: private questions, the most moved thing is not revealed: when I was filming, I was my birthday that day. I did not expect everyone to remember. Later, the fans at the door bought a lot of things for me. At that moment, I really didn't know what to say. Starring MV: "Lonely Runaway" -Tiemei "More and more Love" -Tielunhai "Entry and Entering" -Teonhai "Tiamo" -Thi Yalun Liu Liyang "Next Me" -Fan Yalun "Just see" You "—— Yan Yalun Drama-2004" Amuro Love Beauty "as Zheng Bowl (guest) Flywheel Sea Performing TV Works (8) 2005" Prank Kiss "as Abu 2005" Ultimate Class "decorated Ding Xiaoyu 2007 "The Ultimate Family" decorated Ding Xiaoyu moxibustion 亣 荖 镸 镸 镸 镸 镸 200 2007 "Prank 2 Kiss", also known as "Prank Kiss 2" as Abu 2008 "Perak MIT" Zhanosde (the first actor) 2009 Xiaoyu (guest appearance) Moxibustion 镸 荖 荖 荖 荖 荖 荖 荖 荖 荖 荖 荖 荖 荖 荖 荖 荖 荖 荖 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 (((小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 小 邢 邢 小 (male No. 1) 2010 "Sunshine Angel" as Wen Shuxiu (friendship Guest appearance)

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