TVB Emerald Terrace is currently broadcasting a long drama is the "Deep Palace of Palace 2" in 8:30, and a 9:30 "Flying Tiger Stealing Extreme Battle"."Wesley's Branch".

From June 25, 2018, a new drama "Destiny" will be broadcast on Monday to Friday at 9:30.

"English: Success: Success:" Hong Kong Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. was shot by Chen Zhanpeng, Tan Junyan, Li Shizhen, Tang Shiyong, and Yao Ziling, and was also starred in Chen Shancong, Zhang Guoqiang, Zhang Yingkang, Chen Ziyao, He Yan, He YanPoems and He Guangpei co -starred.Produced Zhuang Weijian.

"Destiny" tells about the 28th day of the Qing Dynasty's Jiaqing years as the background and real -time shooting. In the form of each episode in the form of each episode, it has carefully described the journey of how He Ye fights with Jiaqing.This drama is one of the 16 Hong Kong International Film and Television Exhibition in 2017.

The specific broadcast time is subject to the announcement of the TV station.