Episode 1 Episode 2 Star Tour Episode 3 Episode 3 Episode 4 Advertising Storm Episode 5 Driving Episode 6 I have a date with Taozi Episode 7 and 8! The locomotive man (top), (below) episode 9 of the lane in the adventure plot introduction: Careful Superman went to the discouraged planet tourism. Although he did not forget anything when he came back, he forgot to be careful of the bearer planet. Because he is careful of Superman, he doesn't know how to go home. It happened that the big and small monsters also came to the discouraged planet (they came to get an aggression plan), and be careful of the Superman and followed them. Monster thought that the Superman knew their aggression plans, so they ate the aggression plan (the aggression plan was briefed with bamboo). In the end, the Superman was taken away by the happy Superman. Episode 10 I am a fish Episode 11 of the Council Episode 12 The Legend of the Legend of the Mark Legends Episode 13 The Secret of Freckle Episode 14 Do not ask me episode 15 Star Piano Episode 16 Heroes Episode 17 Stealing Diary Diary Plot Introduction: Careful Superman was asked to write a diary because of poor memory. The monster plan peeking at his diary to find out the secrets and weaknesses of the Superman, while the mobs hoped to receive the attention and praise of the monster through the diary. In the process of stealing the diary on the other side, the two monsters were full of situations, and the monsters suffered because of ignoring the mobs. Eventually, they understood the mobs' minds. Episode 18 Happy Big Reversing Plot Introduction: Commander Post has come to the latest powerful digital weapon developed by the discouraged army -reversal! The big monster sent the gun god maid to go to the post office to collect it. Unexpectedly, happy Superman and Niangniang monsters meet the road narrowly! During the battle, the reversal was started. After the light was over, the happy Superman and Niangniang monster actually swapped the body! The hilarious dislocation confrontation between Superman and Monster began. Episode 19 Golden Flying Bird's Plot Introduction: Careful entrustment of the golden bird who is careless to protect the multi -star planet, and the mobs learned about this, to make the golden birds, so that the two planets can start, and they can take the advantage of fisherman. Carelessness not only crushed the plan, but also evolved the golden birds into a golden phoenix. Episode 20 I want to grow up the plot introduction: a basketball player selection, let the little monster be laughed at too short; and a pair of heavier shoes make Huaxin Superman shorter. Be careful of the phrase "you are so short", so that Huaxin Superman completely loses self -confidence, and can only escape into the ugly ash planet to find self -confidence. And see how Huaxin Superman will get rid of the inner shadow and reshape self -confidence? Episode 21 Monster Chasing Star Plot Introduction: The Great Monster chose a monster to invade the Star Planet. I did not expect that this monster was a fan who was careful of Superman. With the opportunity of attacking Superman, he approached the superman and made a series of crazy crazy people. Star -chasing behaviors have always been low -key superman. Episode 22 I am a killer plot introduction: Carefulness is chaotic because of the memory of the brain attacked by the monster to save the flower heart, and the heart is hard to help the carelessness. Let the carelessness become normal. Episode 23 The Little Monster and Beep Dragon Plot Introduction: The unicorn dragon that the little monster cares for care is originally a happy and abandoned toy, and the unicorns who are unexpectedly activated into the city enters the city to teach the stars who abandon toys. How can the former owner be happy to choose? Episode 24 Century Big Bad Development Plot Introduction: When playing Monsters, the careless superman let go of the monster because of his forgetfulness, and the Hua Hexin Superman reprimanded. The careless superhuman was unwilling, and shouted "I want to be a bad guy!" Under anger, and asked the big trick to teach the bad guy to be a bad guy. Happy Superman watched his friend's careless Superman more and more like a successful bad guy, anxious. The impulsive happy Superman must come forward to prevent the careless Superman ... Episode 25 Great Magic Plot Introduction: The big monster sees that someone has passed the autobiography, the fame and fortune are doubled, and they also come up with an autobiography. The secretary, the big monster superman who punished evil and the evil forces, and a group of evil forces, the "Five Superman", struggled. In the great autobiography, Superman and Great Monster completely turned the role, and the big monster became a hero, but the big monster was still dissatisfied. What exactly did this self -discipline? Episode 26 Trouble Kite Plot Introduction: Happy and troublesome. The doctor comforted him as long as he wrote the troubles on the kite, and the trouble would fly away with the kite. The monster used the kite to aggravate the troubles, and was finally recognized and planned to fail. Episode 27 The Turtle Rabbit Running Plot Introduction: Monster and Small Monster destroy the fairy tale world. In order to save the fairy tales, the super people enter the fairy tale under the request of the elf to repair the destroyed fairy tale. Super people can repair the fairy tale only by getting the key props in fairy tales, and the fairy tales that the careless Superman wants to repair is "Turtle Rabbit Race". Can the forgetful Superman fix this destruction story? Episode 28 Princess Bai Xue's story introduction: Sweetheart Superman crossing the story of the fairy tale world to save Princess Bai Xue, but everyone randomly becomes a character in fairy tales.