Then tell you about the will be released in China in January 2011:

Starring of "Out of Control" (Thriller Suspense) on January 7, 2011: Hu Ming Tan Zhuo Lian Jin

January 11, 2011 "Creation: Battle" (action / thriller / adventure / science fiction) starring: Garnett Hedland Olivia Wildejev

Starring of "New Shaolin Temple" (action plot) on January 19, 2011: Andy Lau Nicholas Tse Fan Bingbing

January 21, 2011 "The Year of the Rabbit of Pleasant Goat and Gray Wolf" (animation / adventure / comedy)

Starring "Wulin Wai Zhuan" (Comedy / Costume / Action) starring on January 26, 2011: Yan Ni Yao Chen Sha Yi

January 27, 2011 "Old Master Xiaoshui Tiger Legend" (animation)

hope this helps……

Julie and Depp's "Deadly Perspective" are released, for these two, this film should be good.

Martial arts

The strongest happy event

New Shaolin Temple

Make love to the end

Let the bullets fly

If You Are the One 2

Zhiming and Chunjiao


Jingsha, the West Army.EssenceEssenceNo one dared to shoot before

[The little thing of the first love] I have been recommended by myself recently