"God of Gambling", "Supreme Supreme", "Jianghu Love", "Legend of the New Brother of the Gambling Tycoon", "Five Tigers Breaks", "Family of the Dragon", "Gambler", "Strike of the Emperor Son", "Infernal Affairs 1", "Disciples", "Half -Branch Cigarettes", "Big Big Big Love", "Breaking Wolf", "Best Wolf Legend", "Best Fortune Star", "Fu Xing Gao Zhao", "Summer" "Five Blessing Stars", "Ghost Horse Zhi Duo Xing", "Shuanglong Club", "Blood Blood", "Rivers and Lakes Love", "Heroes of the Rivers and Lakes", "Dragon and Tiger Fighting", "Yi Gai Cloud", "Prison in Prison" "," Prison Fengyun 2 fugitives "," Women's Prison "," Heroes "," Heroes 2 "," Heroes 3 "," Heping Hotel "," Ma Yongzhen "," Ambush on Ten Sides "," Boom Heavenly Dragon Tiger " "Shou", "Police Network Double Heroes", "Fighting Rivers and Lakes", "Legend of the Prince", "The Secret File of Mice", "Romantic Killer Liberty", "Big La La Shao", "Sky in Mong Kok", "Burning Island", "Tiger Out of", "Thousands of Heavenly Kings", "The Last Big Big River", "Thief Astrings", "Angry Weilong", "Dream Wake up", "Domestic Ling Ling Paint "" Kung Fu "," City Hunter "," Dragon Tiger Gate "," Super School Overlord "," Fisting God "," Black Heroes 1 "," Black Heroes 2 "," Black Panther World "," Perak Pioneer ", "Cold Noodle Sniper", "Waves", "Mini Agent Team", "Flying Eagle Woman", "The Boy Boy Boy's True and False", "Falcon Program", "False Sword", "Five of Five "Thunder Tiger 1", "Holy Sword", "Magic Emerald", "Future Police", "The King of Killer", "Zhongnan Bodyguard", "Speaking of Life and Death", "Fist of Life and Death" "The Ultimate Fight", "The King of Destruction", "A Comic", "The Murder Tang Zhan", "Flying Roll Cloud Mountain", "Gun King", "Black Cat", "Thunderbolt", "警察故事》,《警察故事2》,《警察故事3超级警察》,《警察故事4简单任务》《重案组》,《红番区》,《我是谁》,《宝贝计划》,《一个"Good Man", "Special Affairs Lost City", "Dragon Brother Tiger Brother", "Flying Eagle Plan", "Plan A Sequel", "Dragon's Heart", "Killer", "Big Soldiers", "Fast Food Cars", "Flying Dragon", "Flying Dragon", "Flying Dragon" "Miracle", "Miracle", "Jingwu Heroes", "New Jingwu Gate", "Manga Weilong", "Modern Rulai God Palm", "Anna and Wulin", "Huang Feihong's Ghost Seven", "Frozen Frozen" "Qixia", "Shushan Biography", "Snake -shaped Diao Shuo", "Master Dragon", "Master Brilliant Malaysia", "One Strike and Half of the Rivers and Lakes", "Myth", "Dragon Kiss", "Huo Yuanjia", " Huang Feihong's Western Region Master "," New Shaolin Five Ancestors "," Fang Shiyu of Kung Fu Emperor "," Who and Fang Fang and Fighting "," Huang Feihong's Iron Chicken Fighting "," Huang Feihong's West Lion "," Huang Feihong " Ⅲ Lion King "," Huang Feihong's ambition of Ling Yun "," Huang Feihong Ⅱ man is self -improvement "," Chrysanthemum Table "," Dragon Gate Flying Armor "," Tai Chi Zhang Sanfeng "," Huang Feihong 92 Dragon Dragon World " , "Swordsman's Undefeated East", "Rivers and Lakes", "East Evil West Poison, "Nervous Knife and Flying Tmall", "Flying Xia Xiaobailong", "Peerless Double Pride", "Emperor Haitong", "Peacock Prince", "Oriental Bald Eagle", "Prosperous", "Miscellaneous Boy Boy" "," The Doubles of the Double Life "," Thousands of Machines Change "," Thousands of Machines Change 2: Huadu War "," Zombie New Warrior "," Iron Fist "," Hundreds of Stars "," Da Ni Tantra Detective "," The Fuse Line " "," The Street Killer of the Iron Horse 2 "," New Tangshan Brother "," New Meteor Butterfly Sword "," Wu Champion Su Qier "," Lu Ding Ji "," Lu Ding Ji 2 "," Ji Gong "," Biography of Heaven "," Biography of Heaven ", "Shaolin Boy", "Fang Shiyu-93", "King of Kung Fu", "Flying Dragon Regeneration", "Yuan Zhenxia and Wesley", "Rich Corps", "Iron Armor Invincible Maria", "Bruce Legend", "Bruce Legend", " "Raptors Cross the River", "Jingwu Gate", "Brother Tangshan", "Dragon Fighting Tiger Fight", "Raptors Crossing the River", "Death Tower", "Drunk Fist", "Drunk Fist 3", "Drunk Fist 3", "Green Snake Killer", "Provincial Port First Killer"

Dragon and tiger fight


Longteng Sihai

Black Panther World


Killer Butterfly Dream

Dragon family

Dragon hegemony



I am in the rivers and lakes

Forbidden Sea Wolf