1. "Thief Family" Douban Rating: 8.7

The film tells the story of an ordinary family who seems to have a calm life, but to maintain family planning by crime. The film's emotional expression is rich and layered, and the description of dark humanity and cruel reality is also thought -provoking. It is a masterpiece, which is worth seeing!

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2. Douban score of "Channong Nong" Douban: 7.9

The film tells a 12 -year -old boy Zann, who accused his own parents. The reason for the complaint was that his parents gave birth to him, but did not fulfill his parents' obligations to raise him well. It is a high -profile masterpiece that directly hit the mind, and each frame makes you feel a shock.

3. "Cold War" Douban score: 8.1

The background of the film was set in Poland, Berlin, Yugoslav, and Paris during the Cold War of the 1950s. It tells two different backgrounds and character men and women. The image is beautiful and the end is very abused.

4. "Love You, Simon" Douban Rating: 8.3

The film tells the 16 -year -old Simon, in order to protect the identity of the people, help the dead enemy to pursue their own girlfriends, and unexpectedly embark on a journey of coming out. The film is funny and touching, it can be said to be a unique derailed movie.

5. "Miss Burd" Douban Rating: 7.9

The film tells the rebellious female high school student, Christine, eager to go to New York to go to college to get rid of the tedious life and annoying mother of Sacraono, and face a series of adolescent troubles. It is a very delicate and touching youth movie. The adolescent adolescence of the heroine resonates with the audience.

6. "Final Fantasy Girl" (also known as "Do not want to love") Douban score: 7.5

The film tells the story of Jiang Tengliang, who has no experience in love but has no experience in love, and is unable to extricate himself in the love of the single love and real world in the fantasy. The film is very interesting and the description of the characters is also very delicate.

7. "Guardian Wind" Douban Rating: 7.4

The film tells that after the husband and wife's relationship rupture and divorce, they are in court to fight for their son's custody. The second half of the film is full of explosive power and becomes thriller in seconds.

8. "Place where Xiong Valley guards one" Douban score: 8.5

The film depicts Xiong Gu Shou and lives with his wife Hideko in his later years, and some guests visit every day: the young photographer who is keen to shoot Kumagu Shouyi, the hot spring hotel owner who wants to make a signature signboard, and the neighbor next door Sabo Couple.

9. "Face, Village" Douban Rating: 9.1

The film tells about Anez Walda and street artist JR driving a small truck through the French village. The characters they encountered under the shooting along the way are connected into a row of them on the wall to express these ordinary labor. Dear. The film is full of romantic temperament, and the ending is perfect.

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Dreaming space, closed island, ending of tear, a few faction reports, assembly numbers, sword rain, spicy hand detectives, blood -blooded males, changing arrows, broken arrows,

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