"Death Team" tells a group of mercenaries who receive a special task, asking them to penetrate into a small island in South America to eradicate the local terrorist armed forces; when they start to act, the situation suddenly out of control and various crises.

Stills of the Death Team (18) show that they fell into the trap full of deception and betrayal, the actions were severely damaged, the innocent life was implicated, and their lives were hung; at the same time, they also faced a more dangerous challenge: a secret The forces attempts to evaporate the entire team on earth ... The new film "Death Team" edited, directed, and performed by action superstar Shitarong has recently exposed the official trailer for 2 minutes and 33 seconds. In addition to several starring men, such as Miki Rocke, Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Stanzon, etc., the biggest surprise is Arnold Schwarzenegger's guest appearance. Arnold's drama appeared in the dialogue of the church and appeared in a shot at the same time. There is also another guest big name -Bruce Willis. Judging from the trailer, Stalong does not seem to throw out all the most dazzling shots, and the focus on the publicity point is a powerful male star. In the ranking of the stars, Jet Li was located in front of Miki Locke, and "Stalong" was arranged by Stallron himself under "And", which shows the significance of the film to him. "Death Team" stills

"Death Team" further proves that Stalong, who is in his 60s, has not been completely old. The muscles and bodies shown in the movie still have a certain appeal. It is particularly worth mentioning that he exaggerated color tattoos in the film, almost almost almost he almost It can be comparable to Mi Shuai in "Prison Bail". "Death Team" is the ninth film directed by Steelon's independence since 30 years. It tells the needs of the US authorities due to economic interests. It plans to hire someone to mix a South American country to subvert the local dictatorship, but no one is willing to take the danger for the government. Finally, a special action group called "Expendable" (dead team), composed of Miki Rocke, Stallone, Jet Li, Jason Stanzon, and others, assumed this dangerous task that was almost dead. Stallone has still been launched in "Rocky 6" and "Lambo" in recent years. The fixed fan base will largely support the box office income of "Death Team"