The true history of 800 strong men:

At the end of the Battle of Songhu in 1937, a lone army with only more than 400 people guarded the last position of Shanghai and fought against tens of thousands of Japanese troops. When a foreign reporter asked the number of defenders, the commander Xie Jinyuan deliberately said that there were 800 people in order to deter the enemy. Since then, the defendant has known the title of "800 strong men".

Because more than 400 soldiers are facing 300,000 Japanese troops, and the enemy is much more than himself. Think of everything to armed the four -line warehouse from the inside out into a bunker. After that, it was a hard scalp and the Japanese troops and the bloody battle for six days and six nights, fighting for the end. The four -line warehouse "eight hundred strong men" hit the aggressive army, inspired the people's fighting spirit, and became the world's attention.

Later evaluation:

Under the iron hoof of the Japanese army, millions of compatriots who have been trapped in islands, from the eight hundred strong men, retrieved the dignity and spirit of the nation, and recovered the inspiring confidence and strength. The song of "Eight Hundred Hundred Hundreds of Heroes" roared from the falling Shanghai and sang all over the river. The eight hundred strong men who were ironic, for the Shanghai people who were in the dark island, were like a long light lamp. Looking at it, they strengthened their belief in the victory of the Anti -Japanese War.

Many heroes such as "eight hundred strong men", they went forward and killed the enemy bravely, and evoked the awakening of the nation with their own blood; in exchange for the future of the nation with their own sacrifice. As the so -called "sincerity is both brave and martial arts, and finally strong and strong.

The above content reference: Baidu Encyclopedia-800 strong men