1. I feel that everything is getting farther and farther away from myself. Before being eliminated by you, I deleted the mobile phone number of all of your people, deleted the QQ of all of your people, and exited your group.

2、不想再为一份没有回报的牵挂而分心,不想再因一句善意的提醒而伤把自尊伤个遍体鳞伤.走了,我轻轻的走了,在零点即将到来的时刻,在这旧Even if the day is over, I am gone, and I want to forget you, so please don't remember me.

3. Please don't contact me anymore, and don't worry about me, my way, I will continue, my road, I have always been alone.

4. I am gone, getting farther and farther away from you, and finally disappearing in your field of vision, taking away all my blessings and concerns, no longer miss who, no longer care about, no longer bless, who is not assured of anyone, don’t rest assured for anyone who is at ease. not open.

5. Goodbye, a very important group of people who used to be very important for me.

First, thank you during this period of getting along with you. In this group, I have brought me infinite happiness. I want to say goodbye to you in a blink of an eye. This is also my long -term decision.

Secondly, I am honored in such a group. In this group, my greatest happiness is your tolerance, and silent support. However, due to work reasons, I can only temporarily parting. Good reunion

Third, it is precisely because of your enthusiastic help that my life is no longer lonely, and it makes me see the hope of life.

Fourth, goodbye, a group of cutest people, good partners in the group forever happiness and happiness

I hope I will be able to meet you next time

Retreat directly, no need to say anything. If you ca n’t pass your love, you will say hello to the group in advance (private chat). I believe he will understand as your good friend.

First, the gathering is not the beginning, and it is not the end. Thank you for your help, encourage and support in the future. May you take care of it. Everyone has a private message, welcome to harass at any time.

Second, never say goodbye. I wish you all the best and better.

Third, knowing you is my luck. Thank you for your companionship and help. We have good goodbye.

Fourth, there is no banquet in the world. I am grateful to I have been here and let me know you. However, for some reason, I will withdraw from this group, I hope everyone will get better and better in the future.

Five, goodbye, you used to be very important for me.

Six, please don't worry about me, I will keep going. I will have your private messages, and I will always keep in touch, but I will withdraw from this group temporarily.