Jin Shanying.

Jin Shanying (김선영), born in South Korea on April 17, 1980, actress.

Representative works include "Gorgeous Out", "Toxic Desire: Addiction", "Women's War: Dirty Trading" and so on.

acting experience:

In 2013, he starred in the R -class love movie "Gorgeous Out" and played Hei Xun in the film; he attended the Korean Qinglong Film Award in the same year; in the same year, he starred in the love ethics film "Happy Taxi" directed by Park Changjin and played Dongni in the film.

On June 4, with Korean singer Bada, Park Jianheng, Park Guangxian and others attended the launch conference of the musical "Scarlet Pimpernel" held by Yisandong LG Art Center in Jiangnan District, Seoul City.

In 2014, starring in the suspense thriller movie "Toxic Desire: Addiction", playing the beautiful girl Yoshio.

In 2015, starring Lu Zhenxiu's love crime movie "Women's War: Dirty Trading".

Jin Shanying

Born on April 17, 1980, Korean actresses, who appeared in film "Gorgeous Out" and "Happy Taxi", are well known to fans. In 2013, the Korean Qinglong Film Award attracted the attention of major media on the red carpet with the unique form of human body painting and became the focus figure.

Women's dirty transactions