Yu Chunxiao (Han Caiying) and Da Na (Zhang Tianyi) are good sisters from the kindergarten. From kindergarten to elementary school, junior high school, high school, and university, both of them are not separated, and they are also accepted by the same company at the same time. , Even falling in love almost started at the same time. On the surface, Da Na and Yu Chunxiao, who "Bone Bone Essence", had their own problems in life. Dana is the youngest deputy editor of "Men Shang". She is talented and righteous. She has a good career, making Wendy jealous at the same level. However, her husband Liu Dong (Jia Nailiang) is her biggest weakness. He was a national first -class swimmer, but after retiring, he could not find a job and became a "little boiled husband". Dai Na was ashamed to mention Liu Dong ashamed to others. On the one hand, he tried his best to urge him to find a job. Visabilized Liu Dong's great pressure. The opposite of Dana is the opposite. Yu Chunxiao has a perfect fiance Peng Kaixuan. The two have been in love for 2 years and have begun to talk about marriage. This made Chunxiao very disturbed. The unscrupulous work made Yu Chunxiao have a hate to marry, and the appearance of Zhang Weiwei, who secretly loved Peng Kaixuan, gave Yu Chunxiao a sense of crisis. After a series of twists and turns, Peng Kaixuan appeased Yu Chunxiao's heart with a proposal ring. In order to defend his love, Chunxiao not only forgive Peng Kaixuan, but also prompted the two to receive a marriage certificate in advance. Da Na has a hard -to -say, but Liu Dong insisted on asking for a child, which caused a series of misunderstandings. Liu Dong always had a lot of emotional feelings. It seemed to have a natural dependence on women, so all kinds of ambiguousness continued to happen ... After Yu Chunxiao Peng Kaixuan, after the newly married pair of young couples, the new contradictions came one after another. The two stumbled, and the things in the marriage continued to be staged.