Everyone must not be unfamiliar with Xu Kai. In 1995, he was born in Guangdong Province and appeared in many TV series, such as "Song Song" and "Fire Military Academy". Among his many works, my favorite is that he and White Deer are with White Deer. "Zhan Yao" starred in the partner. His shape and costume in this play are very handsome. The white deer is also very good. I think Xu Kai himself is very suitable for costume costumes. This does not produce a new costume drama- What kind of role Xu Kai is in this play? Let's take a look together.

"Tian Dance" was shot by a popular novel. It tells the story of Xiao Bawang Li Xuan and the girl Su Judi. From the beginning of the incompetence at the beginning, to each other's affection. In the play, Xu Kai plays a small mixed with the blood of the people and the demon. In the new set of stills, Li Xuan is wearing a cyan costume and a smile, giving a feeling of Wildness. The Lord Wu Jiayi starred in Qu Manting of "Fire Fire Military Academy", and his acting skills and face value had not been said. Some netizens said that although the two failed to be together in the Fire Military Academy, they also appeared in "Dance of the Dance". Essence

Li Xuan was a little gangster in the rivers and lakes. When he accidentally entered the Mo Yun Academy to study, he also became a master. This is really an unexpected joy. Under the fault, the two met in the academy and rubbed a series of sparks. Li Xuan soon fell in love with Su Judi, and Su Judi was also very excited about Li Xuan, but the purpose of her came to the academy was to assassinate Li Xuan, she warns that Li Xuan is her enemy, she can't like him, but she still can't control Li Xuan's heart. Under such contradictions, Su Judi and Li Xuan have launched a love and killing each other. The story, seeing this drama must be very abused here, you must prepare paper towels.

Generally speaking, no matter Xu Kai's clothing, shape, and people are located in this drama, it is very good, it is worth watching.