The prototype of Chen Shouting, the TV drama "Dye Dye", died in 1931. The prototype of the protagonist Chen Liuzi (Chen Shouting) was the author Chen Jie's grandfather Chen Liting.

In the September 18th Incident, Chen Liuzi, a businessman, directly hit the Japanese invaders with his own strength and punished the traitor. After Han Fuzhen abandoned the city, Chen Shouting had a grief and vomiting and died of blood. Chen Shouting's life, the feelings of the country, and the courageous consciousness are my example. Xiangyangmen is always there, and there are more than a good celebration.

The creative background of "Daidi"

Chen Shouting, also known as Chen Liuzi, is played by actor Hou Yong. In reality, the author Chen Jie's grandfather Chen Liting (confirmed by the author and the author's brother), the dyeing workshop it founded was the predecessor of Jinan's first weaving factory.

The protagonist Chen Shouting is the main carrier of the story and meaning. This is a legendary new and unique national industrial image, which is completely different from any literary and silver screen type that appeared before.

Chen Shouting comes from the bottom of the people. When he was young, he begged. He had no father and mother. It is such a small man who has not been influenced by poems that will become a wizard in the seal and dyeing world north and south in the future.

Secondly, the legend of Chen Shouting's image is reflected in the folk wisdom formed under the immersion of traditional culture. Although he is unknown, he has a courage to know. The magic weapon of winning, with the wisdom of these folk people, can be able to be at ease in brutal business competition, and it is like breaking. Third, his legend is manifested in modern consciousness.