Extract code: WYMF

"Eight Stars Pay Goods for Eight Stars"

Director: Du Qifeng

Screenwriters: Huang Baiming, Li Juming, Zheng Zhongtai, Wu Wenhui, Yang Zhenyao

Starring: Zhou Runfa, Huang Baiming, Jacky Cheung, Zhong Chuhong, Zheng Yuling, Yuan Jieying, Baby Feng, Huang Kunxuan, Li Xiangqin, Zheng Danrui

Type: Comedy

Production Country/Region: Hong Kong, China

Language: Cantonese

Release date: 1988-02-11 (Hong Kong, China)

Shop long: 91 minutes

Also known as: the wrong love line, The EightHth HAPPINESS

Fang's boss Fang Jianhui (Huang Baiming) is a cooking host. He has a mature and stable care of his two younger brothers, so he has no girlfriend at the age of thirty; Even though there is a stewardess girlfriend Tian Hong (Zheng Yuling), he still rotates with many girlfriends. Later, he even knew the beautiful Beautiful (Zhong Chuhong) and caused a relationship of emotional disputes. Township) is a simple and shy cartoonist who happened to meet a lively girl Yingying (Yuan Jieying) and developed a period of pure love.

Occasionally, the phone failure also made Fang Jianhui aware of the divorced woman Wu Fenfang (Baby Feng). The two developed smoothly, but because of helping his brother Jianlang to cover up the romantic debt, let the fragrance mistakenly thought that Jianhui was a three -match person. Everyone decided to help Jianhui recover the love that is about to lose ...