Hello, I saw that your question has been answered for a long time, but the question expires that no one answers will be deducted and your reward will be confiscated!So I give you a few suggestions:

First, you can choose to ask questions in the right classification, so that there will be more people who know your questions, and there will be more people answered.

Second, you can go to the professional website forums with you. Many professional talents are gathered there to solve the problem for you.

Third, you can ask friends from your online friends. They will be more sincere and enthusiastic about finding the answer for you, and you can even search directly on the relevant website.

Fourth, many professional forums and knowledge platforms on the Internet have a lot of information on it. I always go to the forum to solve the solution when I encounter professional problems.

Fifth, ask your question, and make it clear!It's easier to understand what it means to understand!

Thank you for adopting my suggestion!!