The most anticipated suspense thriller "DPRK No. 81" in 2015 officially landed on LeTV on May 20. This super web drama, produced by LeTV and Ningxi Media, based on the novels of the same name, has 30 episodes and updated daily.

Since the large movie "Beijing No. 81" released in 2014, it has set a new box office record for domestic thrilies. Since then, a large number of thrillers have come to the end, endless, and the self -made drama "No. 81 of the Internal" on LeTV has been broadcast. Later, he won a good reputation. As the female No. 1 in the film, Yinxue was not the same as the previous thriller. The playful, humorous, and hearty personality elements made the plot unpleasant and interpreted alternative thriller.

Directed by Han Yan, starring Yin Xue and Xu Min, and shaped Tang Xiaoxi Tang Xiaoxi and "Mysterious Fairy" Wu Bao, respectively. After the old house, I kept encountering the incidents of psychological and suspense, as if there was an invisible hand behind the scenes, and led them to the abyss of the puzzle of 81 as a tunnel. Faced with the ancient houses shaped in the film, the strange and strange incident, Yin Xue said that he had been afraid and worried before the filming, but gradually gradually entered the world. Essence It is reported that Yinxue still loves adventure in private, and the personality of living boys: "In life, in addition to filming, I will choose to do some sports, such as rock climbing, diving, etc. The recent plan is to glide with friends. In fact, filming is actually filming. Just like doing these sports, we must constantly explore and challenge in order to improve herself in the process. "Yin Xue admits that this is like her personality, brave and fearless.

In the next episode, what accidents and surprises will Yinxue happen? Please continue to pay attention to LeTV's homemade theater "No. 81 in the Chain" at noon.