As of December 22, 2021, "Spider -Man 3: Heroes Without Return" is still in the release, and can only be watched in the cinema.

The story of "Spider -Man 3: Heroes Without Return" is closely exposed in the plot of the previous "Spider -Man: Heroes: Hero Expedition", which has brought a lot of troubles to Peter and Peter's girlfriends, family, friends, etc. So Peter found Dr. Strange and wanted Dr. Strange to distort the timeline to avoid his identity as Spider -Man.

However, the accidents are frequent, and the mantra's out of control has caused the multi -universe to be opened by Dr. Strange. Other people in the parallel universe know the true identity of Spider -Man into the MCU main universe.

Then Peter can only take the responsibility of searching for other parallel universe chaos. After searching, he found that the big villains in the Spider -Man series of movies were complete -Dr. Octopus, Dr. Lizard, Sand, Electric Lights, and the most powerful. Green devil.

This film created a feast of the three generations of Spider -Man with the big screen of the same frame, which made people shout. Watching all the characters in the film is very emotional, whether the character is a positive or the main supporting character. They all made up for the regrets of the Spider -Man series, not only redeemed themselves, but also forgive others, but also achieved each other.

We really need a gathering of movies and a chance to miss youth. And the most important thing is to bring more eggs, jokes, and tribute through the interaction between these characters, making people laugh, and crying is not.

In the Foundation, his life is vague. The appearance is as an apprentice of Iron Man. Even if his banknote capacity and technology make him have more powerful equipment, his mind seems to have not matured enough.

This time, he encountered severe creativity, experienced frustration such as affection, friendship, and reputation. He could re -examine his responsibility, burden, and the price he wanted to pay. Xia Cai really understands the most essential core of the role of Spider -Man -the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility.

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"Spider -Man: Heroes No Return" is jointly produced by Columbia Pictures and Marvel Pictures, directed by Joe Watz, and Tom Herland, Zanda Korman, Ben Niditt Kangberba Starring in Jacob Batun, Marissa Temol, Toby Macquir, Andrew Gofeld, William Dafu, Alfred Morrina, Jamie Fox, etc. Action science fiction movie, the film was released in North America on December 17, 2021, the number was launched on March 22, 2022, and was scheduled to release 4K, Blu -ray and DVD on April 12.