The original poster is talking about Liu Tao and Wu Qilong to play "The Beauty of the Jiangshan"!

This TV series, also known as "The Lord of Li Hou and Zhao Kuangyin", "How sad to ask Jun"

Diversity plot is as follows:

episode 1

In the first year of Emperor Han Yinyou, Emperor Han Yin was indifferent and ignored the government, and the people were miserable. A fire burned the Viewing Flower Tower of the Emperor, and since then he has leaving home. Li Congjia (Wu Qilong), the sixth son of Li Yan in the Southern Tang Dynasty, was dissatisfied with his elder brother. Zhao Kuangyin and Li Congjia met Guide Mansion. The two were martial arts and one essay, and they were competing for the people overnight. When the two people appreciated each other's talents, they had chased and eventually parted the two. The eldest daughter of Zhou Zong (Liu Tao), the former daughter of the Southern Tang Dynasty. In order to find the scattered "neon feathers", he came to Luzhou. The restaurants on the Luzhou Lake are full of voices, and there is a dancer named Niang Niang (Liu Zhen) in the restaurant dancing. Zhao Kuangyin appreciated dancing in the restaurant, but the wine guests had noisy drinking with her mother -in -law. At this time, the soft voice sounded: "Let go!"

Zhao Kuangyin looked up ...

Episode 2

Emperor E was a wine bottle and drank his head. Zhao Kuangyin said that he was proud, and the wine guests were Emperor Emperor, and Zhao Kuangyin rescued him. In the firewood house, Jiang Zheng (Yi Zhao Bo), who liked his mother -in -law from an early age, was entangled and was reprimanded by the mother -in -law. Zhao Kuangyin was full of strategies and pride, and won the appreciation of Emperor Emperor. He got along for a few days. After Li Congjia and Zhao Kuangyin said goodbye, Li Hongji was sent back to Jinling by his elder brother Li Hongji. Zhou Zong found Luzhou and took the Emperor E and hurriedly. Emperor E was invited to enter the palace spring banquet, and a clear song was trapped and met Li Congjia. Li Hongji and the emperor Li Jingsuo caused the opportunity to kill because of the emperor's dispute. Zhao Kuangyin was affected by him. Li Congjia frequently expressed his affection for Emperor E Huang.

Episode 3

The people of Luzhou Inn went to the building, and Qinger learned from the shopkeeper's mouth that Zhao Kuangyin had left and returned without success. Under the consolation of his parents, Emperor Emperor nodded and promised to order his relatives with Li Congjia. Zhao Kuangyin, who fell into the water, was rescued by a fisherman, but was difficult to agreed due to serious injuries. On the day of Li Congjia's employment, the people congratulated the people. Zhao Kuangyin was late but met the event. Then he knew that Li Congjia was the six emperor of the Southern Tang Dynasty, and the target of the order was Emperor E. Zhao Kuangyin saw Li Congjia's talent, and he knew that his identity was inevitable compared with the situation in front of him. He held the embroidery Pa with his hands and wanted to go. With Li Jingsui who sent people, Feng Yanyi and others talked in secret in Zhoufu's study. Zhao Kuangyin accidentally collided and decided to visit Zhou House at night to inform Emperor E, but was stopped by Mrs. Zhou (Liu Jie). The wife ordered her family to bundle Zhao Kuangyin out of the house and hinted that the person could not stay.

Episode 4

Emperor E was rescued Zhao Kuangyin in time. In the cold snow, in the cold and snowy night, Zhao Kuangyin and Emperor Eang hugged each other tightly. Zhao Kuangyin wanted to take Emperor E, but Emperor Emu pared that his man should be in the Quartet, and hoped that Zhao Kuangyin could break out of the world. Zhao Kuangyin waved to Jinling with tears and put it under Guo Wei's account. Guo Wei established Da Week, Zhao Kuangyin was headed for the east and west classes. In 19953, Guo Wei was ill. Yi Zi Zi Rong succeeded. Zhao Kuangyin was promoted to Yu Hou before he was promoted. In the same year, Li Congjia married Emperor E. Zhao Kuangyin had never forgotten Emperor E, his brother Zhao Kuangyi (Wu Yue) woke up. Zhao Kuangyin was in his heart and well -being in the world. The position of the Southern Emperor's prince was fighting and fighting. He never stopped. Li Congjia did not participate in politics and did not get involved in it. Emperor E could not help but compare it with Zhao Kuangyin, who had always supported Lingyun in the past. Li Congjia has a lot of affection, and Emperor E Huang's heart leads to the gods, coincided with the birthday of the master, and the husband and wife created the "neon feathers".

Episode 5

When the "Neuts and Feather" danced stunned, when the middle master and the bell were full of arms, the emergency military sentiment came to report that the Zhou Dynasty had occupied Luzhou. Kuang Yi was quoted by Zhao Kuangyin to attack the hero of Luzhou Zhao Pu (Wang Hui). Zhao Kuangyin was not used for private use and recommended it to the Zhou Dynasty emperor. Zhao Kuangyin's army entered Luzhou City, making his generals restrained his men and not to plunder the people. However, when the encirclement was chaotic, Feng Yanlu, who had hurt him that year, learned that Li Congjia and Emperor Emperor were happy after marriage, husband and wife Qin Se and Mingming Mingming Zhao Kuangyin's heart was mixed. The war was in a hurry, but Li Congjia met with a little flower room with Emperor E and drank. He told E Huang that he had no ambitions. Zhao Kuangyin led the soldiers and Kuang Yi to attack the southern Tang Shui Ning, and also for the other side. The actions changed, and Kuang Yi sneaked into Zheng Wang's Mansion in order to find Zhao Kuangyin, and saw drunk.

Episode 6

Zhong Mo and Li Deming took the rich tribute to see the Zhou Dynasty Tianzi Chai Rong. The Zhou Dynasty proposed three major conditions. Li Deming ordered to return to the South Tang Dynasty. Luzhou fell, and the middle owner presented the 14th state of the north and the Emperor to the Emperor. Li Jingsui moved back to Hongzhou's settlement. Li Congjia Emperor went to visit and played Cuju with Li Jingsui. Zhong Mo was deducted from Da Zhou. Because of the help of Zeng Meng, Xun Niang came to visit. He learned that Zhao Kuangyin was still affectionate to Emperor E and would like to go to Jinling. Zhao Kuangyin released Zhong Mo to return to the Southern Tang Dynasty. In the six years of Xiande in the Northern Zhou Dynasty, Zhao Kuangyin was promoted to the daily inspection in front of the hall. Shortly after Li Hongji entered the East Palace, he killed Li Jingsui, and the master was so angry that he was in the Winter House. Episode 7

The middle master visited Li Hongji and reprimanded the recklessness. Li Hongji said that Li Jingsuo had murdered him that year. The master asked the participants. After the bell, he regretted that his eldest son had no ambitions to stretch, and the Lord Li Congjia took responsibility for the country. Li Congjia was embarrassed. Zhong Mo came to the Southern Tang Dynasty's courts, and Zhao Kuangyin asked Zhao Pu to convey to actively support Li Congjia as the prince. Li Hongji was crazy, committed to the winter house, and was sad after the bell. Feng Yanyi and others asked Li Congjia as the prince and took over the East Palace. Zhao Kuangyin was playing with the queen queen, and he should take advantage of this opportunity to formulate the world. The young emperor couldn't sit still in the dragon chair, left noise, and Zhao Kuangyin was bored. Talking about the book, Zhao Kuangyin drank down the platform, Zhao Pu and Kuang Yi found it, the bookmaker said: Although the coup before the Tang Dynasty Li Shimin called the Emperor's previous coup, it created the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty. : "It has become the necessary 'evil"! "

Episode 8

Necessary 'evil'! Zhao Kuangyin was shocked that Kuang Yi and Zhao Pu called well, but Jiang Zheng stole at this time. Kuang Yi stopped it. Jiang Zheng called Emperor Kuang Yi, causing Zhao Kuangyin's attention. At that time, he was in the palace of Gui, and Jiang Zheng stole Zhao Kuangyin's article. Zhao Kuangyin raised Jiang Zheng to not change his sex many years later. Jiang Zheng asked for Rao, and Zhao Kuangyin sent him to Xishan Temple to cultivate his body. Zhao Kuangyin had a high shock, and the old ministers of the Zhou Dynasty played the queen queen. By the reason, Zhao Kuangyin left the Beijing division. Zhao Pu and Kuangyi all the way to spread, the director Chen Qiaobing changed, Zhao Kuangyin's yellow robe added himself, and was surrounded by the brothers as emperors. Zhao Kuangyin set up four rules. Zhao Kuangyin returned to Beijing to ascend the throne and established Song in Song Taizu. The Lord of the Southern Tang Dynasty received the news, and even more promised to move the capital, calling Li Congjia and Emperor E, and wanted to give state affairs to Li Congjia.

Episode 9

The master decided to move the capital Hongzhou. Ye Lan was silent. Outside of the Palace of the Great Song, Zhao Kuangyin thought about Mrs. Zhou despised him that day. Now he is already the respect of the Ninth Five -Year Plan, but he still cannot share it with E Huang. The mother -in -law came to Jinling and heard Li Congjia's new words, and she admired her heart. She called Li Congjia and his wife as a fairy companion. She stayed. Tang Palace was looking at Emperor Eang, Li Congjia led her to see the rhythm room of their husband and wife. The emperor was crying, but he didn't want to talk more. Xun Niang dances appreciates Li Congjia, and she wants to build her exclusive stage for her mother -in -law. Zhao Kuangyin was toured and was injured by the assassin. He did not search for it, and he thought about thinking. He had to use Ren Deze to be used to be a small country in the world to promote the Great Song Guowei. Tao Gu was ordered to make the Southern Tang Dynasty, and he was arrogant. Li Congjia was forbearing.

Episode 10

Zhao Kuangyin was very kind to the old ministers, but he still couldn't make his heart and make him have to make a tough means. Zhao Pu analyzed the situation for him. Zhao Kuangyin had a bamboo. Tao Gu was prestigious in the Southern Tang Dynasty. Li Congjia was exhausted. Han Xizai learned that he had a good sex and wanted to humiliate him. Li Yan and the North Han Dynasty rebelled, Zezhou, Zezhou, was occupied, and Zhao Kuangyin led himself. Xun Niang recommended it to be the key figure in Han Xizai's plan. Afterwards, Li Congjia knew that she could not help but feel distressed and felt ashamed to the mother -in -law, but the mother -in -law had left the book to leave. Zhao Kuangyin settled Li Yan back to the dynasty, and scolded Tao Guhu to fake the tiger and to humiliate himself. Therefore, in the incident, Zhao Kuangyin had a new body about Li Congjia. The couple go north. Guangyi hurriedly came to see Zhao Kuangyin, and presented the secret letter from the South Tang Dynasty to Li Chongjin to join the Tang Jun rebellion. Guangyi proposed to conquer Li Chongjin and took the Tang Dynasty.

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