In all fairness, the production level of "Police Academy" is worthy of the signboard of Taixian.

Although the results are bright, it is not difficult to see the comments of the show. A large number of audiences are quite dissatisfied with the plot of the Police Academy, and even used the words "lack of good" to describe it.The script of the show exists.

At the beginning, the scene conversion between the promotional video of the promotional film and the old warehouse checked the gambling case in the old warehouse, cleverly connected the connection between the target and the poker card, which is worthy of the domestic TV drama directors to learn and learn and learn well.Learn.

This romantic comedy, who starred by the powerful actor Che Taixian, Xiao Xiujing, and Zheng Zhenyong starred in, set a 7.3%peak of ratings on the day of the broadcast. The average ratings of the first episode were stable at 5.2%.Daily viewing champion.

Not only that, this love light comedy with the background of the police school is also quite the taste of domestic audiences. After a day of broadcasting, the Douban 8.3 high -opening score was obtained.