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Ace Agent: Introduction to the plot of Agent College ...

Harry (Colin Fist Colinfring) is a member of the British Secret Agent Organization Kingsmann. During a certain operation, his comrades -in -arms died. Harry gave a badge and a phone number to his comrades -in -arms younger. The younger son, Alexnikolov Alexnikolov, told him to dial this number if he encountered any trouble in the future, however, such an opportunity can only be used once.

Seventeen years later, the broken family made Aigsey (Taronegerton Taronegerton) grow into a small mix of doing nothing all day. The precious number, Harry found his kindness and high talent under the cynical appearance of Aigsey, so Harry decided to cultivate Aigsey into a new generation of King Shiman. They need to face it together. Powerful and evil billionaire Valentine (Samuell.jackson).


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"Big" character "is a criminal action movie produced by Shanghai Xiyan Culture Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Wuyuan Culture Media Co., Ltd., and the Spring and Autumn Period (Holgos) Film Co., Ltd., directed by 500, Wang Qianyuan, Bao Bell Leading starring, starring Wang Xun, Wang Yanhui, Qu Jingjing, Zhou You, Han Yizhou and other starring. The film tells the story of the criminal police officer Sun Dasheng who comes to confront Zhao Tai and the consortium behind him. The film was released in Mainland China on January 10, 2019. The film was determined to be released in South Korea in September 2020 and announced the Korean poster.

Director: Tan Hua

Movie type: comedy

Starring: Wu Mengda, Li Boqing, Liao Jian, Du Haitao, Lin Zicong, Jinsha, Jijie, Yang Lele

Special invitation to appear: Wang Han, Kung Fu, Min Tianhao, Zhong Yanping, Dingdang, Ding Winter Gourd, Xiaotangyuan, Wanxi

Shooting time: 2010

Release time: 2011

summary movie:

The film tells the story of ordinary people subverting mediocre life. A group of villains pursuing big goals with the famous talk show "Big Character", headed by Uncle De uncle (Wu Mengda), staged a hilarious and humorous life comedy together.

The film is the Hong Kong comedy superstar Wu Mengda and the legendary Babu comedy master Li Boqing to return to the big screen. Bashu smiling star Wang Liaojian, popular artist Du Haitao, Lin Zicong, Jinsha, Jijie, co -starring, famous host Wang Han and many other performing arts stars joined Yang Lele, a beauty anchor of Hunan Satellite TV, starred as the producer and starring of the film.

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