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"Legend of the Sword"

Director: Wu Jinyuan, Liang Shengquan, Mai Guanzhi, Yu Jianfu

Screenwriter: Tao Hai, Wang Yuan, Yan Hongyu, Yan Zhenhua

Starring: Hu Ge, Liu Yifei, An Yixuan

Type: love, fantasy, martial arts, costume

Production Country/Region: Mainland China

Language: Chinese Mandarin

Premiere: 2005-01-24 (Mainland China)

Edition: 34

Single collection length: 46 minutes

Also known as: chinesepaladin

"The Legend of the Sword" is adapted from the most classic game work in the history of PC game.

Li Xiaoyao (Hu Ge), who is named Zhenwu, dreamed of Wu Wu's dream of seeking spiritual drugs, who was dependent on the strange disease, and went to Xiandao, who was born with a strange illness, and met the mysterious girl Zhao Linger (Liu Yifei) under the chance. The two got married on the same day, and promised never to forget. Yao took Jindan to save the island, but he was deceived to "forget the worry" and forget everything with Linger! Linger, who was pregnant, was hit hard, and found that he was the truth of the descendants of the son -in -law of the "mother of the earth". He had the mission of saving the life and had to let go of his personal feelings! Xiaoyao met Liu Jinyuan and his cousin Lin Yueru (An Yixuan) on his way on his way to walking rivers and lakes, and gradually became affectionate with this joyful enemy. Where does Li Xiaoyao's feelings go from? What kind of fate is Zhao Linger who is the descendant of the son -in -law? The weird event along the way indicates how to be hungry?