1. "Towards the Republic"

"Towards the Republic" is a Chinese modern history -themed TV series jointly produced by CCTV, Beijing Tongdao Film and Television Production Co., Ltd., China International Television Corporation, Changsha Television, etc. This drama is directed by Zhang Li, Shenghe Yu and Zhang Jianwei The screenwriter, starring Wang Bing, Lu Zhong, Sun Chun, Ma Shaozhen, Li Guangjie and so on.

The play presented the magnificent journey of the Chinese people's people to overthrow the emperor's system and move towards the republic with an epic artistic strokes.

2. The Revolution of 1911

"The Revolution of 1911" is an epic historical drama directed by Tang Guoqiang, Li Wei, Jiang Ruilin, and 200 actors such as Ma Shao, Zhang Qiuge, Yao Jude, Ma Xiaowei, Yu Rongguang, Wang Siyi, Xiao Qiang, etc. The play is about historic incidents in the early 20th century. It mainly reflected the historical process of the founding of the Republic of China after the death of the Qing Dynasty. The play is a gift drama of the People's Republic of China commemorating the century of the 1911 Revolution (1911-2011).

3. The righteousness of the world is vicissitudes

"The Righteousness of the World is the Vicensum", which is the historical drama of the revolutionary war produced by the Radio and Television of Jiangsu Province. It is directed by Zhang Li and starring Sun Honglei, Huang Zhizhong, Ke Lan, Zhang Heng and others. The play tells the story of the three brothers and sisters of the Yang family joined the Kuomintang and the Communist Party. Because of the different political beliefs, they have a deep affection to the fire to the fire.

4. Breakthrough

"Breakthrough" is a TV series filmed by nearly 30 million joint investment by Shandong Film and Television Production Center and Dalian TV Station. Planning by Wang Min, directed by Zhang Xinjian, Kong Sheng, screenwriters of Gao Mantang, Sun Jianye, Li Youbin, Saigina, Xiao Song Jia, Zhu Yawen starring.

The play tells the story of a Shandong family from the end of the Qing Dynasty to the end of the September 11th Incident. Based on the complex and bumpy life of the protagonist Zhu Kaishan as a clue, the three members of Zhu Kaishan's three character and fate interspersed the sufferings and tests encountered on the Kanto Road.

5. Sun Yat -sen

"Sun Yat -sen" is a historical TV series directed by Shen Haohan, starring Zhao Wenzheng, Zhu Yuanyuan, Liang Guanhua and others. The play describes the great revolutionary pioneer, Mr. Sun Yat -sen, from the first armed uprising in 1895 to the north of 1925, died of illness in Beijing, and a revolutionary career for nearly thirty years.

"To the Republic" a historical masterpiece, a unforgettable modern tragedy; a group of distinctive characters, a generous ethnic epic; the original class of the "Yongzheng Dynasty" was carefully created, and CCTV's full appearance of "Towards the Republic".

Look at the novel, all of which are from the National Army's Anti -Japanese War, that is the real history of the War of Resistance Against Japan.

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