The author of the novel "Silver Valley": Chengyi is an important work of contemporary Chinese literature in this century. It is a hard work written by the famous writer in Shanxi for eight years. This novel reappears various social life such as the business activities, social relations, and personal hidden individuals of the Jin Shangwang tribe in the late Qing Dynasty; some commented that "the good and evil grievances of the giants, the officialdom around the merchant, the officialdom of the merchants, the Shilin Confucianism The martial arts darts and western churches have full and vivid depictions. The work will integrate the informative historical basis and the legendary story, the fluttering society, and the artistic fate of the people. "

The forty -episode TV series "Silver Valley" is adapted from this heavy historical novel of the same name, and re -archite the character relationship and storyline on the basis of the original novel. The legend and story of the work are also specially worked in the shaping and engraving of the characters.

Director: Su Zhou

Production Director: Zhang Xiaoyuan

Leading starring: Du Yulu decorated with Mrs. Kang, the quiet decoration of Du Yingqing

Hou Yong decorated with Kang Sanye Liu Wei as Qiu Taiji

Zhao Jun decorated Kang Siye Liu Lili as Kang Siniang

The story of the TV series "Silver Valley" starts from a foreign woman Du Yanqing unfortunately.

During the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty, the French businessman Barker, who lived in Beijing, killed his wife angrily because of an affair. Unfortunately, Du Changxuan and his daughter Du Yingqing who came to France, who came to be a guest, had no intention of encountering it. Barker's attempt to kill people, Du Changxuan killed Buckee for self -defense. The father and daughter of Du were ransomed by French military officer Schumann and were forced to fled to Taigu, Shanxi, Hometown.

The Jin merchants in Taigu, Shanxi are rich due to the business ticket number, which can be described as rich and enemy. The two local family Kang and the Qin family met the family because of the same pagoda map, and they became revenge because of this pagoda. For many years, the two have become dead enemies in the business field, and they have repeatedly fighting. The current master of the Qin family has been appointed by destroying the Kang family. He saw Du Yingqing's foreign temperament and foreign resources. He was ready to marry his second wife of the Qin family while the Du family was difficult to make the Qin family in the Qin family. Kang Qin fights for one more chip.

I don't want to, on the way to the Qin family, Du Yanqing met with the third son of the Kang family. Although the second master of the Qin family fought with Kang Sanye again and again, she only made the relationship between Kang Sanye and Du Yanqing closer.

At this time, the Kang family was caught in an unprecedented crisis. Due to the trouble behind the Qin family, the Jinan semicolon number of the Kang family was seized, and the Beijing section was also frequent. The old lady of the Kang family was in danger and sent a three -way people to do it separately. Mrs. Kang sent the most capable Wuye of the five sons to Beijing and Tianjin to restore the situation. Mrs. Kang helplessly sent Kang San to go to Beijing and Tianjin to deal with the crisis. Kang Sanye, who was in love, had to break up with Du Yanqing temporarily, and Lintong San Ye gave his waist card as a token to Du Yanqing.在京城,康三爷因为仗义为乞丐婆兑换巨额银票,意外地保住了北京票号,并在能干的老帮邱基泰的协助下,顶住了秦家恶意造成的挤兑风波,赢得了The old lady's appreciation was also regarded as a nail in the eyes of the Kang family. The inside of the Kangjia ticket number also carried out the struggle between the younger generation and the conservative forces around the battle between Qiu Taiji and the shopkeeper.

The Kang family's disaster followed. The old lady, who was usually calm, felt deeply fate, and decided to renew his wife. When I experienced the woman, the old lady actually chose Du Yanqing. Faced with the Kang family's relatives, he was waiting for Kang San's Du Yingqing to be shocked first. I don't know what to do. At this time, the Qin family colluded with the government of Du Changxuan to kill the case, and Mrs. Kang came forward to rescue. In order to escape his father's danger, Du Yanqing had to agree with the marriage of Mrs. Kang under the intimidation of the government. A foreign woman walked into the Kang family's deep house, which touched the grievances between the two Kang Qin and the inside of the Kang family.

The Beijing crisis was finally settled. Kang Sanye returned to Taigu's home. In the face of Du Yan, he was wrong in the early morning. Kang Sanye, who was sad and angry, decided to go to northwest. Du Yanqing, who couldn't bear the many commandments of the Kang family, had turned the Kang family over the sky. Mrs. Kang gave me the grace, but eventually could not conquer Du Yingqing. The kind Du Yanqing insisted on cure Liuye's pneumonia with western medicine, and won the respect of Uncle Kang and Liu Ye. In order to dig the corner of the Kang family, the Qin family was also intimidated to Du Yingqing. Du Yingqing was caught in the status quo or struggling. After the experience of the lower part of the West Gang, San Ye also had a little more atmosphere in his temperament. Under Qiu Jitai's inspiration, he determined to bear the burden of the family.

The imperial court suddenly implemented the ban on foreign exchange, and the votes of the West Gang were under pressure. In order to stop the proud and extravagant among the western gang merchants, Mrs. Kang Ye punished Qiu Taiji, who was proud and arrogant, and then decided to patrol the ticket number of seventy years to patrol the ticket numbers to fundamentally lift the DPRK inside the DPRK. Harm to the Kang family. Mrs. Kang went out of the Hankou section, and used Zhang Zhidong's power to propose to the court to solve the remittance, and impeached Wu Mengren, who had helped the Qin family who had suppressed the Kang family, and expanded the power of the Kangjia ticket number in the south. The Kangjia Sub -Sending shopkeeper, Chen Lao Gang, Dai Lao Gang, who hoped that the West Gang wanted to learn from Western Banks, which caused dissatisfaction among the Big Sun Bob and others. The old lady played the battle of the two factions with means, but did not release the suspicion. In the days when the old lady went out, the third grandfather was transferred to Taigu to take care of her family business. The return of San Ye saw Du Yingqing in the old house and saw the hope of life, but the mutation of the two could only make the two dare to cross the thunder pool although they had a spirit. Kang Sanye and Du Yanqing were caught in the anxiety of happiness and distress. Du Changxuan died of illness in France. Du Yingqing was seriously ill. San Ye cured her illness with "heart medicine", but it was difficult to wear her hatred for the Kang family. The Ministry of Education and Education Qin Sanzi used a fake contract to blackmail and the Li family who had a marriage contract with the third grandfather. The third grandfather took the lead in the Li family, but caught himself in a scam. With more emotional communication. The Siye and Sini who have been worried about the three grandfathers have sniffed the private relationship between San Ye and Du Yanqing from the clues.

Mrs. Kang's inspection calmed down the unstable factors inside the Kang family ticket number, but he didn't know that a larger family storm was waiting for him. After the old lady returned to the house, Si Niang pretended that she had no intention of the private relationship between Du Yanqing and San Ye, which caused the family's uproar. Du Yanqing simply broke the boat and begged the old lady to become her and the third grandfather. The old lady talked about the different conditions of the three grandfather and Du Yingqing's walking and staying. Du Yingqing tried to defeat the old lady with the pagoda chart searched, but the old lady easily broke it. The final decision right to walk and stay fell into the hands of San Ye. At the critical moment, San Ye met the will of the old lady and decided to stay and carry the Kang family who had already begun to decline. Faced with the regret of San Ye, Du Yingqing didn't want to give birth. She first disappeared, and then retaliated against the father and son of the Kang family by seduce the people. After this disaster, Mrs. Kang no longer trusted San Ye, and San Ye had an ambition but unable to perform.

The righteous and the regiments were chaotic. Qiu Jitai suggested to the Sanye to withdraw from the village, but did not get the consent of the total number. When the soldiers were panicked, Tianjin was robbed. Qiu Jitai dispersed the money of the Beijing name with a borrowing method without interest at the crisis, and led the Beijing personnel to return to Taigu in the desolate and suffering, retaining the voter manpower to resurgence in Tu Dongshan.

The Eight -Power Allied Forces invaded Beijing and traveled west. The court contracted Beijing to the west gangs and knocked on the bamboo bar. Mrs. Kang spent my thoughts and thought of money. Seeing the embarrassment of the emperor and the queen mother, Master Kang deeply felt the corruption and decline of the court. Once the country's destiny was in danger, he decided to settle the status quo.

The imperial examination was suspended from the chaos of righteousness and group. The six masters who wanted to do the middle were stimulated and smoked with a big smoke. Du Yanqing persuaded him to quit smoking and woke Liu Ye in the slump.

Among the foreigners' artillery fire, Shanxi is also in danger of falling. The conservative Sun Dato and Siye advocated the total number to withdraw, but the third master opposed it. A gambling -like battle finally held Shanxi, and San Ye temporarily occupied the upper hand. Qin Dashao secretly planned to deal with the Kang family through the foreign lesson plan. San Ye was arrested for implication. Du Yanqing hugged himself to explain the authenticity of the matter to the foreigners, and San Ye was rescued from prison.

The Kangjia Beijing scores lost heavy losses in the war. Qiu Taiji re -opened Beijing, and the wave of crowded. At this moment of crisis, Qin Dashao decided to completely squeeze the Kangjiajing. Kangjia Yinzi was robbed, and the crowded wave occurred in the Kangjiajing. Mrs. Kang made the Kang family go to the city with a phrase "a large hole in the sky." At the critical moment, Qiu Jitai borrowed a loan from the foreign bank for an exception. There was a room for the time being. San Ye cleverly planned the silver to the Beijing account, and thus holding the crazy crowding wave.

The external crisis of the Kang family was relieved, but the darkness within the Kang family was increasingly exposed. After a while, Du Yingqing, who woke up, found that he actually lived in a nun. And she saw her funeral is being held at the Kang family. After some twists and turns, Du Yingqing clarified the truth. It turned out that the ruthless Master Kang would use the method of dislikes who violated her will. Du Yingqing, who wanted to retaliate against the Kang family, found the third grandfather who often came here to mourn here in his cemetery. In the two days of Yangming, although Du Yanqing and San Ye were stamp, they finally did not dare to meet each other.

The Ministry of Households asked each of the official banks of the Western Gang. Qiu Jitai suggested that the third grandfather seized the opportunity to implement the ticket number, but was rejected by Mrs. Kang. Si Ye used flying camels to draw the shopkeeper of the inner and attempted to compete with San Ye again. Qin Dashao once again used the underworld characters and conspired to kidnap the sixth grandfather and wife who went to the Beijing inspection, but with the help of He Juanren and others, Qin Dashao's conspiracy did not succeed. The Siye reported to the Qin family who colluded with the underworld, and Qin Dashao hated to die in prison.

Several of Qiu Jitai, who had a disappearance, decided to stay away from the right and wrong of the mall, and went home to enjoy the joy of God.Chen Lao Gang, who was aggressive, was completely disappointed with the conservative Master Kang, and resigned to the bank that opened the bank.... The uncle, who has always been silent, showed his cards to the old lady, and talked about his hatred for him over the years, saying that he would destroy the home by himself.Mrs. Kang let the Siye master in power, and used this to try the hidden face under the appearance of the Saye, and thus madly crazy.The six -year -old couple decided to study abroad, and the new generation of the Kang family began to have their own fate.

San Ye found the cause of Du Yingqing's death. In anger, he forced the palace to the old lady, and eventually used the old man's friendly old pavilion to get the results.San Ye finally took charge of the Kang family and implemented new reform measures, but the decline of the West Gang was inevitable.

In the cold wind, Mrs. Kang and the two old candlers Qin, who looked at each other, looked at each other, a true and false pagoda gray flying, and the two elderly people who fought for a lifetime did not know what the battle for this life was for?