Xingmei Studios discount information: This fare is 70 yuan, if you have a stored value card, hit 7.5 %

*On Monday to Friday at 12:00 a.m. Bud half price discount.

*Tuesday half -price discount (except for holidays).

*Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday (a men's cash purchase a movie ticket in full price, and a lady you accompany can watch the last movie for free. Each discount is limited to one person once, the number of games is not limited, except for holidays)

*Students under 23 years of age holding their student ID, you can enjoy half price discounts;

*Shopping 100 yuan+35 yuan in Meimei Supermarket (ten chain stores), you can get a movie ticket for Starmei Studios (blockbuster to watch with you)

I just called and asked, there were 88 yuan package, including two 3D movie tickets, as well as popcorn and drinks. This package is not limited. It is said that the glasses do not collect the deposit and do not need a booking ticket. I plan to go tomorrow to go.Look with your boyfriend, I wish you a happy look

I do n’t know Taiyuan Xingmei, but Xuzhou Xingmei 3D80 ~ Tuesday and Wednesday half price 40 ~ All the cinemas should be the same money

It should be 50 yuan