"Star Wishes" is the film premiere in 1999. The starring actors are Ren Xianqi and Cecilia Cheung. Directed by Ma Chucheng, the film interprets the love story of the onion head and Qiunan. Dumb orphans, when he grew up, he also had a crush on a crush on a good friend Qiu Nan (Cecilia Cheung). One day onion died due to accidents. When he was waiting for a new life in another space, his messenger was moved by his life. (Su Yongkang). After returning to the world, the onion knew that they loved each other with the autumn men. The two reluctantly distinguished on the night of the meteor rain and wished to the meteor. No matter how far apart, they should face the future. This film was shortlisted for the "Best Film" of the 36th Golden Horse Awards.

Onion heads were blind and dumb because of a meningitis when he was a kid. He also worked in the hospital while receiving treatment. Because of his long -term care of the nurse Qiu Nan, he secretly fell in love with Qiu Nan, and Dr. Hu in the hospital also pursued Qiu Nan. One night, a meteor passed, and the onion finally died the courage to express his love to Qiu Nan, and Qiu Nan accepted it. Unexpectedly, the joy was very sad, and the onion was killed by a car on the way home. Onion headed to angels to return to the world's unwillingness and Qiu Nan, the angel agreed, but only gave the five -day time limit, and he didn't allow him to disclose his true identity.

On the onion, he was in contact with Qiu Nan as an insurance investigator. Although he was diligent, Qiu Nan's heart only had the onion of his lifetime, which moved him very much. Qiu Nan gradually realized that the insured was onion. Just five days later, the meteor rain appeared in the evening, and the two finally recognized each other, but the onion was about to leave.

In a slightly vertical era, love can not hide as the warranty period you expect

Suddenly I understand why girls can cry in a tragedy

You all know the ending and guess the front front

However, I still want to be reluctant to encounter the clips where they meet and know each other

So ah, the people who die are happy, the death is beautiful

Liu Piaopiao in "The King of Comedy" is still poor because of eating mustard

"Mrs. Xie wearing clothes" is full of pure

Not to mention how ugly she is crying, just the hoarse voice alone

The theme song sings from her mouth and has a lot of poor ingredients

It stands to reason that this is the first movie I have ever seen

The cold winter is guarding a little black and white to see the trend surging

The tears I want to contribute to the cloud disappeared when I hear the theme song

It turns out that the wretched man in the junior high school class hummed this song all day long.

Thinking of a nausea is too shameful, the scenery

When I watch too much about the movie, I understand that this is the general routine of the movie

People have closed their eyes in their lives and lived again and again

It's just changed personal, the question is that you can't tell others who are you who are that is that

I think I feel panicked and I'm better than dead

"Who am I" how difficult it is from Xiao Qi's mouth

The audience in front of the TV can't wait to help him say the word onion

The more tangled, the more depressed and depressed to drag us to the end of the love movie

The director laughed while counting the bills next to the banknote