Picture quality

As one of the best companies, Bowei's "Galaxy Roaming Guide" produced this time still continues its always good production level. One of the characteristics of aesthetics. The colorful clothing and scenery did not have problems with color overflow or color blocks due to unusual colorful color. The image is clear and sharp, and the contrast of light and darkness is strong. This is particularly prominent in the brighter scenes of most of the film. Only a few scenes with gloomy tones can make people feel a little peristalsis.

Sound quality

Although the rhythm of this film is more obvious, it is relatively clean in terms of sound as a whole. It is not like the kind of ears that make people rest for a while. Therefore, the sound quality of the film is good and there is no obvious one. Noise or noise, a good balance between white, soundtrack and background sound effects. In terms of music, the film is the same as the previous name of the same name and TV series. The main theme of the play is the same. (Sina.com evaluation)

The original book of science fiction master Douglas Adams, and this film is obviously a good player who is loyal to the original, the details of British humor are all showed. Arthur's friend Ford told him that he was actually an alien, and the earth hindered the construction of the Galaxy Highway and was about to be blown up. Arthur followed Ford as the only surviving earthman, and began an inexplicable trip to the galaxy. (Northern Network Evaluation)