I love Ye Xiang wo ai Ye lai xiang (1983)

Summary of the plot:

In 1939, Ah Yo (Lin Zixiang) from Hong Kong Yexiang's private detective agency indirectly accepted the secret appointment of Tianzi No. 1 (Lin Qingxia), and the important weapon blueprint that was stolen by Germany to the United States, twists and turns, after many twists and turns.The blueprint was won by the traitor police officer (Qin Pei), and the Japanese emperor's royal agent Hiroshima Taro (Xu Ke) was ordered to come to Hong Kong to receive the blueprint.Searching for the blueprint of the director's house, the highest spy Tianzi No. 1 also acts at the same time, and the sedan -filled noodles flying thieves appear ...

list of actors:

Qin Pei

..... Fat Chick

Joe junor

..... Joe

Teddy Robin


Lin Zixiang

... yoyo

Lin Qingxia

..... bridget

Anders Nelson

..... American

Cheng Kui'an

..... Soldier

Xu Ke

..... napanese ambassador

Name: Ghost Ma Zhico (1981) All the Wrong CLUES (1981).I said upstairs. I love the night incense.

It seems to be called Ye Laixiang