"Assassination Classroom" is a campus comic by Matsui Yizheng. It has been serialized on the "Weekly Youth" in 2012. The cumulative circulation has exceeded 10 million copies.Known as the most vicious superborn "Killing Teacher" in history, 70 % of the moon had been blown up, and he threatened to explode the earth in the second year, but he served as a teacher in Class E in Class E in Class E for unknown purposes.The heads of the country will give the assassination of the assassination to Laqiu Middle School for 3 years, and the distribution special weapons will be given to them. I hope that students can kill the teacher within one year, and the successful remuneration is 10 billion yen.Beginning in the second semester, the country decided to successfully assassinate, and individuals received 10 billion yen compensation, and their participating groups could get a total of 30 billion yen compensation.All students tried their best to kill the teacher, and the story revolved around the non -daily campus life.