episode 1

In the 1980s, Zheng Jian, a mechanical factory worker, was mistaken for the hooligan of fighting by the police. He was copied at the door of Yonghong Store and was encountered by Wan Xiaojing, a female worker Li Baoli and a clerk and a clerk in the store. Seeing that the true hooligan wanted to besiege Zheng Jian, she stepped forward and blocked Zheng Jian. Zheng Jian fell in love with Bao Li at first sight. Li Baoli looking for a wool is actually for the people who woven the sweater, Wang Zhong, the neighboring college student next door. Just as Poly looked forward to her relationship with Wang Zhongge, when she went to college to send sweaters, she met Wang Zhong's girlfriend Fan Lin. Wang Zhong's "dear" made Li Baoli understand the relationship between the two and was sad. Zheng Jian has loved Pokémon since the store. In order to please Poly and pursue Poly, he also made his best solution. Fleverly legs jeans. Bo Li took his pants home. Her sister Baoghan liked it very much. Several times she wanted to try on by Bo Li, Bao Chan secretly took denim pants out of the door while the sister didn't pay attention, but lost her buttons. Poly was very angry because she didn't like Zheng Jian and was unwilling to owe others. Zheng Jian's pursuit of Bao Li's offensive was intensified. Ma Xuewu, a worker in the same dormitory, was a college student. Zheng Jian asked him to support his tricks. In order to make Wang Zhong jealous, Bo Li transferred the sweater that Wang Zhong's retired to Zheng Jian. One thing was to one thing, and in front of Wang Zhong, he agreed to Zheng Jian's invitation to watch a movie. Zheng Jian returned to the dormitory to show off the sweater given by Ma Xuewu to Ma Xuewu. He also proudly thought that he had "won" Bao Li, and had something to discuss with Ma Xuewu.

Episode 2

Zheng Jian's movie tickets were not enough, and Ma Xuewu, a worker in the same dormitory, gave him a movie ticket. Ma Xuewu wanted to watch the call of Yuanshan, and he had a ticket, so he did not agree. Bao Li and Xiaojing came to the door of the cinema and met Ma Xuewu who came to watch a movie. Zheng Jian introduced him to everyone. Ma Xuewu fell in love with Bao Li at first sight. When he encountered the passing Bao Chan, he had to watch a movie with his sister. Ma Xuewu gave up his own movie ticket, and one person stayed outside the theater to listen to the movie. Poly also felt good about this literary quality and resembling "Wang Zhongge". Zheng Jian ran to the factory before going south to see Li Baoli, and Li Baoli was burnt on the types of typesetting in English. Zheng Jian ran back to the mechanical factory Qiang Lama Xuewu to solve the trouble. Ma Xuewu saw that the opportunity to get along with Li Baoli was very seriously helped Bao Li's typesetting. Li Boli saw Ma Xuewu's clothes on the ink and took the initiative to wash Ma Xuewu to thank him. Li Poly returned the washing clothes to Ma Xuewu when he met Zheng Jian. Zheng Jian was dissatisfied with Ma Xuewu approaching Bo Li, which scared Ma Xuewu to interrupt his legs. There is no other meaning. Zheng Jian took a bunch of fashionable clothes and gave it to Bolly. Poly did not accept it. Zheng Jian turned to a gift offensive to the Bao Li family -a parasol for the Pokémon who opened the car stall and gave it to Sister Bao Zen a recorder and a bunch of popular tapes. Bolly won the sisters of the recorder and hit one place. Ma Xuewu asked Li Baoli for help that Zheng Jian threatened him. Li Baoli found Zheng Jian's dormitory with 20 yuan for the red sweater to Zheng Jian. She felt that Zheng Jian's whole set of pursuits was naked, but not only did not increase the good feelings, but even more rejected.

Episode 3

Zheng Jian asked Bao Chan to boast that his "one as ten" brother -in -law in front of his sister, Ma Xuewu gave Zheng Jian's idea, and asked Zheng Jian to give Bo Li a technique "to escape", Leng Booli for a while. Zheng Jian also felt that this idea was good. I did not expect that Ma Xuewu, who had already had a secret affection for Poly, but took advantage of Zheng Jian to go to Guangzhou to start a "love letter offensive" to Polly. When Bo Li hesitated, Ma Xuewu said "Dear" called Ge Poly was dizzy, as drunk. Zheng Jian's purchase from Guangzhou to see Ma Xuewu's expression in a panic into Ma Xuewu, and Ma Xuewu deceived him without approaching Polaroid. Zheng Jian found Bao Chan and gave Bao Chan twenty dollars to buy review materials. Bao Chan told Zheng Jian that Ma Xuewu wrote a love letter to Bolly. Zheng Jian rushed back to the mechanical factory to find Ma Xuewu's accounts and beat Ma Xuewu. Li Baoli went to Zheng Jian's dormitory to avenge Ma Xuewu, and she relocated Ma Xuewu's despicable and confessed her love to Bolly. Li Poly told him that he wanted to fall in love with Ma Xuewu and let Zheng Jian died. Poly told Wan Xiaojing that she was going to marry Ma Xuewu Wan Xiaojing as Zheng Jian. After knowing the strong brother Liu Mao, he gave Zheng Jian, and asked him to cook a mature rice for Johnson & Johnson. conversation. Ma Xuewu informed the factory's security section after learning about it. Ma Xuewu said that Zheng Jian tried to rape and persuade Bo Li to tell Zheng Jian. Zheng Jian was qualitatively resigned as a blatant teasing woman. Li Baoli felt guilty for Zheng Jian's loss of iron rice bowls. She went to Ma Xuewu to go to the factory to tell Zheng Jian in the factory. Berry, who was rejected, was very angry.

Episode 4

Poly persuaded Zheng Jian to return to the factory with her to make it clear, but Zheng Jian still insisted on her choice. Bao Chan went to Zheng Jian to say that he was not a college. He wanted to go to Guangzhou to do business with him. Zheng Jian asked Bao Chan to study hard and try to get away. Bao Chan and Liu Mao were drunk by Zheng Jian and returned home, but Bao Li's mother thought it was Zheng Jian's drunk Baochan. Bo Li came forward to explain to Zheng Jian. Ma Xuewu waited downstairs in Pauli's house, hoping to get Berry's forgiveness. Seeing that Polaroid was finally going downstairs, Ma Xuewu pulled Poly to propose to her, but Poly said that she had never seen parents. promise. Baodi entangled Zheng Jian and wanted to go to Guangzhou with him. Zheng Jian obeyed that Li Baoli had never agreed. In fact, the little girl was ignorant and fell in love with Zheng Jian. Poly took Ma Xuewu to see her parents. Bolly's parents felt that Ma Xuewu was very satisfied. Xue Wu's mother was worried that Xuewu's girlfriend could not hold it casually. She would not be in accordance with their hearts. Special Xue Wu Dad first came to see Poly and instructed to bring back the photo to himself. After seeing the photos, Xue Wu was very satisfied with the appearance of Poly. She also praised Booli to be a girl in a big city. It was not bad. Immediately let Xuewu Dad contacted Xuewu Bao Bao to home. When Poly went to Xuewu's family to see Xuewu's parents, but she said in front of her neighbors, she said her education was low. Jihong to learn martial arts. Bo Li learned that Xuewu's parents' attitude left angrily. In order to recover the housework of Pokémon to the Bao Li's house, Ma Xuewu only became awkward when the two were two. Li's parents were very angry. Episode 5

Xuewu and Bolly's parents started to introduce objects to their children. Wei Jihong came to Xuewu dormitory. Xuewu knew that it was a fuck arrangement, but he was politely entertaining her. He felt that Bao Li's heart was determined. Seeing that the worker Lin Guodong in the same room was also single, he was a bit interesting to Wei Jihong. He matched the two in hand. Good things. Zheng Jian learned the situation of Pauli from Xiaojing, and asked Bao Li to drink coffee to solve her. With his understanding of Xuewu and his family, she persuaded her to do a good job in her mother -in -law and mother -in -law, but Bao Li in turn advised Zheng Jian. Don't spend money easily. Poly's mother asked Wan Xiaojing's situation to Zheng Jian, but she was not a carelessness to Zheng Jian's formal work. Xuewu promised Bao Li to do his mother's work and agree to getting them married, which made Bao Li's attitude towards him slightly. However, Xuewu's attitude is still very determined, thinking that Bo Li is looking for martial arts to climb his branches. Xue Wu's mother came to the factory to find Pokémon, and she showed no look at Poly everywhere, and made Poly die, and not to delay his son's future. Bao Li broke the recorder of Zheng Jian to Bao Chan because he was upset. Bao Chan was furious, and she went to Ma Xuewu to tell me. When Bao Chan saw Ma Xuewu, he was not merciful under his mouth. Ma Xuewu was worried about the night dream of the night because of the words of Bao Chan. The depressed Xuewu and Guodong drank wine. After being drunk, Wu wanted to go to Bao Li to show love, but he broke himself. Ma Xuewu played the problem and wrapped his wounds very exaggerated to deceive Polly's mercy. Poly Poly Ma Xuewu took care of him. He saw Xuewu's parents who came to the dormitory and ran to find Xiaojing to vomit bitter water.

Episode 6

Xiaojing planned to match Poly along the meaning of Bao Li, but Poly told Xiaojing that it was impossible for Xiao Jing without Ma Xuewu, and the two were unhappy. Bao Li's mother was not idle here. He found the apprentice Dong Qiang, the apprentice of Pauli, and planned to match the two. Bao Li told her mother not to mix her. Ma Xuewu deceived his parents with injuries. Xue Wu's mother finally reluctantly agreed to learn the marriage of Xuewu and Bolly. The parents of the two sides touched their face to discuss marriage. Polly's parents said that Xuewu was not a local person without a house. Xue Wu's mother picked up a thorns with low academic qualifications. Ma Xuewu was finally happy with naked marriage. Poly and Xuewu received a marriage certificate. At the door, Zheng Jian met, and Ma Xuewu sent a wedding invitation to Zheng Jian in a veteran posture. The blessing to Bo Li and Xuewu also expressed the pain deep in their hearts. After the marriage, the problem of housing was put on the agenda again. Berry was worried that she could not get pregnant without a house. Originally, the mechanical factory promised to help solve the house, but the house was facing the house, but there was a shadow on the marriage of the two. After studying Lin Guodong in the same house, Guodong agreed to give up the dormitory for a month to the new couple. The wedding was held in the hometown of Xuewu. Although Xue Wu's mother agreed with her son and Bolly's marriage, she still did not like this daughter -in -law. At the wedding, some guests drank more teasing Booli. Zheng Jian, who attended the wedding, was the same as Bao Li's siege. Xue Wu's mother was quite dissatisfied with this move.

Episode 7

After the marriage of Poly's marriage, Bo Lili asked from time to time to ask Poly's situation, worried that her daughter would be wronged, and she learned her breasts to guarantee her mother -in -law. Okay, it was very unhappy to make Bao Li's heart, and did not give Xuewu good look. Poly lived in Ma Xuewu's "new house in the dormitory", and the two looked at each other facelessly, telling the vows of love for each other. Late at night, when the two fell asleep, Guodong knocked on the door and returned. It turned out that he had no place to quarrel with Wei Jihong. Bo Li heard the dialogue and asked Guodong to come back. Guodong had to fight a floor, but because of snoring Bo Li, she sat on the bed. Lin Guodong and Ma Xuewu discussed it back to the dormitory. Poly and Ma Xuewu could only spend two -person world in the dormitory on the weekend, and returned to each house for the rest of the time. Wan Xiaojing found a Hong Kong businessman as a boyfriend, and bought a unit room for Xiaojing. The news stimulated the Bao Li family. What do you want in the future? Xuewu to Bao Li promised to let her live in a big house. Zheng Jian sent a very precious color TV at the time to make a wedding gift for Bolly. The TV was sent to the Ma Xuewu dormitory. Both Guodong and the workers were very happy to watch TV. Ma Xuewu was very dissatisfied after seeing it. Bo Li didn't know that Zheng Jian had sent TV at all, and he felt grievance and anger about Ma Xuewu's accusations. In order to comfort the horse to learn the martial arts, Li Boli sent the money to Zheng Jian to Zheng Jian. Zheng Jian thought that the money did not need to pay back, and the relationship between the two could be said clearly. Give Liu Mao. Zheng Jian went to the dormitory to return the money to Xue Wu. Although Xue Wu was disdainful, he still put the money. Episode 8

Bao Li watched the TV happily. Ma Xuewu was angry. Bao Li told Xuewu that he had paid back the money of the TV, but Xuewu asked Bao Li and Zheng Jian to meet again. Bao Li cheated Xuewu to ask Xiaojing to transfer. In order to make Xuewu happy, Bo Li said generously, "I'm wrong", Xue Wu was surprised, and he was more than half of his anger. When the two were ready, Guodong suddenly came in. He wanted to watch the women's volleyball competition with the workers with the workers. Bo Li and Xuewu were squeezed aside and squeezed Bao Li and Xuewu, who were originally the two -person world. The two had to go to the park intimate and was caught by the joint defense team. The two were very embarrassing. Just when the two were worried about the house, Polaroid became pregnant, which made the house's problem more urgent. Ma Xuewu Xin vowed to solve the house problem before the child was born. But the cowardly Ma Xuewu could not come to the room from the leader, and could only continue to coax Poly. The two met Zheng Jian, who sent a doctor to see a doctor at the hospital in the hospital. When they returned to the dormitory, they found that Lin Guodong was in love. He fell into the dormitory bed and spit the house very pickled. Sitting down until dawn. Zheng Jian still missed Bao Li, but couldn't meet, so he entrusted Wan Xiaojing to bring a lot of things in her name to condolence Bao Li. In order to drive away Lin Guodong in the same dormitory, Ma Xuewu hit the idea of ​​Baochan, and planned to match Bao Chan and Lin Guodong together, so that their housing problems were resolved. Bolly learned that he was very angry and rebuked Ma Xuewu. Actually hit her sister's idea. Because of the most special pregnancy, Bo Li asked Xuewu to buy more delicious food for herself. Xue Wu took some money from the drawer and attracted Bao Li's attention. Poly blame the money to learn Wuzang's private house money. Xue Wu said the truth. TV money. Bao Chan was particularly happy to learn that Zheng Jian was back and wanted to do business with Zheng Jian.

Episode 9

Bao Chan announced to his family the decision to do business. He did not take the college, and ran to tell Zheng Jian's determination. Zheng Jian rejected it again, telling her that even if Bao Li would not let Bao Chan travel muddy water. Bao Chan's heart was about to follow Zheng Jian, so he packed up his bag and hid everyone on the train that went south to Guangzhou. Zheng Jian was helpless. In Guangzhou, Bao Chan was tired of Zheng Jian like a fart. Bao Chan called Bao Li from Guangzhou and was scolded by Bao Li. The family blamed that she dared not say goodbye. Bao Chan and Zheng Jian lived under the same roof, making Zheng Jian feel very awkward and couldn't laugh. However, Bao Chan has always wanted to get close to Zheng Jian in various ways, but was often demolished by Zheng Jian. Bao Chan was rejected by Zheng Jian in front of Zheng Jian's friend in front of Zheng Jian's girlfriend. Bao Chan felt that he was very wronged. Back in Beijing, Zheng Jian sent her home in order to avoid Baochan's entanglement. Bao Chan forcibly brought Zheng Jian to his home, and described herself and Zheng Jian's days in Guangzhou. As a boyfriend who is regarded as Bao Zen. Zheng Jian quickly explained and hurriedly fled the Bao Li's house. Poly asked Zheng Jian to drink coffee. Zheng Jian quickly explained to Bao Li's relationship with Baochan, saying that he was close to Baochan to save the country for the curve, to please Bao Li, and yelled at Ma Xuewu to start fast enough. Li's feelings did not allow him to accept Baochan. Bo Li conveyed his parents' recognition of Zheng Jian's character, but in fact Zheng Jian only valued Bo Li's recognition of him. Poly hoped that Zheng Jian could slowly contact his sister Baoghan and like the Baochan. Zheng Jian said that he didn't mean this. After Bao Chan returned home, she still did not stop. The toss of splashing and rolling, Poly was angry with the fetal gas.

Episode 10

When Bao Chan saw her sister's movement, she was so frightened that she was worried that her sister had miscarriage. Bo Li took the opportunity to open up the Bao Chan. Bao Chan was disobedient, and Poly used her pregnancy to make a block. Poly went to the dormitory to send meals to Xuewu. As the stomach got up day long, the problem of the house made Bao Li anxious and quarreled with Xue Wu. Poly Mom felt that the house would not fall from the sky so much, so she hit the idea of ​​the toilet in the building and began to measure the size. She was preparing to transform the toilet for her daughter to have children. Xuewu went to the house management department to ask for a house, but the leader would only give him a sloppy eye. Xuewu could only lead the leadership of Baba. Bao Li went to Xiaojing for help, hoping to borrow the house that Lao Chen bought it to Xiaojing first. Xiaojing was very embarrassed, because the house had been borrowed, and Bo Li should not marry Ma Xuewu again. I happened to meet Zheng Jian, who came to find Xiaojing to buy a folding bed, and talked a few words with Bao Li. Poly cared about Zheng Jian's mother's condition. Give it to Bao Chan, let her transfer it to Poly, and repeatedly told Bo Li to know it was his house. Bao Chan was very moved by Zheng Jian's move and praised him for his love. Ma Xuewu moved carefully, and shifted the dormitory door locks. Lin Guodong could not go to the door and Ma Xuewu theory to the Housing Management Department. Li Baoli rushed to the door key to Lin Guodong and apologized to him. Bao Li accused Ma Xuewu of only small actions to calculate his colleagues. Ma Xuewu poured out his grievances -and the leader had to wear small shoes. On the next day, Bao Li came to the conference room of the mechanical factory with a big belly of pregnancy and asked the leader to ask the leader. Ma Xuewu followed Bao Li's body weakly. When the factory director really had difficulties, he agreed to learn the house for Ma Xuewu. After getting the house, Ma Xuewu was very happy, and even a little bit of arrogant things. Poly couldn't get used to his behavior. Ma Xuewu was divided into a small flat room. Li Baoli's child was born. The name was Xiaobao. The mother -in -law came to see the grandson, but Bao Chan returned home but found that the bed had been fighting together. She looked at Bao Li for confinement and packed her luggage with unhappyly. Mother -in -law was carrying Poly for hundreds of dollars and told him to be the master of the family. Bao Li returned to her mother's house to confine, and Poly was worried that Bao Chan lived in Xiaoping's house is not safe. In fact, Bao Chan did not go to Xiaopingfang at all, but lived in the house that Zheng Jian had prepared for Bao Li. Episode 11

Ma Xuewu went to Xiaopingfang to see the treasure cicada, but it was empty. The family thought that Bao Chan was reviewed in the small flat house of Pauli. In fact, Bao Chan lived alone in Zheng Jian's house alone. Ma Xuewu went to Xiaopingfang to send things to Bao Chan, but found that Bao Chan did not live there, and concealed the incident in front of his family. The family eats, and studying Wu and Baoli Mom argued because of the problem of not salt in the soup. Poly Mom also talked about learning the mothers. Xuewu felt very uncomfortable. Zheng Jian's mother was admitted to the hospital because of the recurrence of kidney disease. The doctor told Zheng Jian that she had to have kidney transplantation surgery, but the cost would be particularly high. Zheng Jian immediately decided to discharge kidney surgery and borrow money to raise surgery for the mother. Zheng Jian discovered that the originally did not but be Baoli but Bao Chan, so he persuaded Bao Chan to go home to live, but persuaded to find out and find Xiaojing to complain. Xiaojing told Baoli and Xiaobao with her care products. Xiao Jing told Bao Li's affairs where Zen lived in Zheng Jian's house. Berry couldn't believe it when he heard it. Cicada lived in Xiaoping's room and wrapped his head scarf to Zheng Jian's house to catch Bao Chan. Bao Chan was taken home. Bolly complained about Ma Xuewu. He knew that Bao Zen lived in Zheng Jian's house but did not tell her. The Bao Zen path broke the horse and learned that she lived in Zheng Jian's house. When you come back, you will go back to Xiaopingfang. At the night market, Bao Chan came to Zheng Jian. Zheng Jian launched Xiaomei and said that he was his girlfriend. Knowing that Zheng Jian's mother was hospitalized, she followed the hospital and pretended to be Zheng Jian's girlfriend. Zheng Jian's mother liked this lively girl. Zheng Jian was still waiting anxiously to wait for the mother's kidney source.

Episode 12

Zheng Jian was still waiting anxiously to wait for the mother's kidney source. Liu Mao took the initiative to ask him to sell the inventory to make up tens of thousands. In addition, Zheng Jian's money was still worse than the surgical fee. Bao Chan ran home and turned to find money to Zheng Jian. He also told his mother that he used Zheng Jianqian to help himself, but his mother did not trust the usual baocci, and hesitated to borrow money. Xiaojing told Bao Li Zheng Jian's money to raise money everywhere. Bao Li took out 500 yuan for her mother -in -law to learn martial arts when she gave birth to a child, and agreed to go home to persuade her mother to borrow money to Zheng Jian. Send money to Zheng Jian. Zheng Jian accepted Bao Li's money to express her thanks to her, and Bao Li told Zheng Jian as Baochan persuaded his mother to borrow money to Zheng Jian. Zheng Jian rode a motorcycle to send Burly home. Ma Xuewu saw Bao Li at home that Wan Xiaojing was helping to bring his children. Ma Xuewu asked Wan Xiaojing Poly's whereabouts. Xuewu turned the box to find money at home and found nothing. Zheng Jian sent Li Baoli to encounter Ma Xuewu at home. Ma Xuewu scolded Li Baoli and satirized the weirdness of Bao Li. Zheng Jian returned the money to Ma Xuewu and told Ma Xuewu that he did not have the right to Bao Li. The argument of Ma Xuewu's glory caused everyone to watch. Zheng Jian apologized to Bolly -herself troubled Bo Li. The appearance of Zheng Jian caused Ma Xuewu to vent his dissatisfaction madly. From the attitude of Poly's parents to Wan Xiaojing to match Bo Lili and Zheng Jian at the beginning, Poly consciously did not discuss with Ma Xuewu, and he did not lose money at home and did not lose his money. Ma Xuewu is noisy. Zheng Jian was captured by the police in order to protect his friend Xiaomei in the restaurant to protect his friend Xiaomei. After learning about it, Bo Li was anxious, but found that Bao Chan was holding a small abacus in his heart. Episode 13

Regardless of his parents' opposition, Bao Chan was determined to go to the prison to wait for Zheng Jian to support Zheng Jian with his love. On the eve of leaving, Bao Chan and Zheng Jian's friends ate farewell. Zheng Jian's friends were very moved by Bao Zen's behavior. Dawei was moved, rushing to the long -distance station to cheer up for his sister, but his parents worried about the future of the daughter. Poly and Liu Mao Xiaomei and others continued to raise money for Zheng Jian's mother. Bao Chan went to prison to visit Zheng Jian and told Zheng Jian to rent a house next to the prison. Zheng Jian accused Bao Chan after listening. Prisoners will not accept her anyway, but Bao Chan insists and disapprove. Bao Chan promised Zheng Jian to take care of his mother for him during his sentence. No matter how difficult her life was, she kept insisting on doing it. Bao Chan followed Zheng Jian near the prison and made a small buying and selling a stall at the tourist attraction, and insisted on her persistent love alone. Zheng Jian refused Bao Zen's love almost every time, and Bao Zen was very sad. When Bao Chan was frequently rejected by Zheng Jian, a person appeared in her life, and the international student William who met with a stall, and Bao Chan gave William a guide. William liked Bao Chan very much. The pursuit of Bao Chan has made Bao Chan realize the care and release that has not been experienced for a long time. After a drunk, the treasure cicada finally cried to the suffering of these years. Poly came to visit Bao Chan and hit William, and Baogai generously introduced Bero to William as her boyfriend, Bao Li's anger blame her sister too unreliable. Bao Chan went to prison to see Zheng Jian's number of times gradually decreased, and Zheng Jian also felt that Bao Chan's departure was a relief. Bao Chan decided to go to prison for the last time to visit Zheng Jian and say goodbye to his love. Xuewu told Bao Li's parents tomorrow to visit her grandson. Bao Li told Xue Wu that she wanted to see Zheng Jian and was stopped by Xue Wu.

Episode 14

Xue Wu's parents came to visit her grandson. She didn't see her mother -in -law a little unhappy, but Xuewu solved the siege for Bo Li, saying that she went to see her sister, but her mother -in -law still blame Bao Li. Poly went to prison to visit Zheng Jian and expressed his embarrassment to Zheng Jian for Zheng Jian. Zheng Jian understood very well. Poly cared for Zheng Jian, and was still taking photos of Zheng Jian's mother in the Andersen's fairy tales. In the evening, Xiaobao had a fever. The in -laws were very anxious. Xue Wu, who came back from get off work, was immediately wrapped in Xiaobao to the hospital. When the in -laws were very anxious at home, Bo Li and Xuewu held Xiaobao back with Xiaobao. At the round, her mother -in -law shook a sentence when she left, and she was not at all the grandson. Bao Li received a call from the hospital. Zheng Jian's mother had died. Liu Mao and Xiaomei went to prison. Zheng Jian was painful after learning about it. Wan Xiaojing and Hong Kong's wealthy businessman Lao Chen got married. At the wedding, Bao Zen, who disappeared for a long time. The fashionable shape of Bao Chan surprised the parents and Booli, and what made them even more unexpected was that Baoghan told them that they would marry William in the United States. Zen reluctant. The big scenery of the big scene and the chaotic life of life became the talks of Ma Xuewu and Pauli in the bed at night. Ma Xuewu Liu revealed jealousy to Wang Zhong, and Poly told him that her feelings for Wang Zhong were just worship rather than admiration. Although the two were a little unhappy, they were happy and sweet. Just as Poly's life had just taken the right track, suddenly the printing plant announced the closure, and Li Boli was unemployed. Poly was reluctant to print the printing equipment that had been fighting together, and pulled the lead words back home, which attracted the disgust of Ma Xuewu. Bo Li and Xuewu discuss the preparations and Liu Mao and others to buy and sell. Ma Xuewu is very disappointing. He told Bao Li to mention the director of the factory office soon. It was said that the gang of Xiaozi was going to prison sooner or later like Zheng Jian, and Poly was very angry. Helplessly, Bo Li temporarily saved the signature to Xiaojing's house. The anger Bao Li returned to her mother's house. Her mother advised Booli to treat Ma Xuewu well. Bao Li said that although Ma Xuewu was small, she was still loving. In the middle of the night, Ma Xuewu came to the house to coax Li Baoli home. Episode 15

Ma Xuewu has finally risen as expected. Now he is the director of the Office of the Machinery Factory. Ma Xuewu has always wanted to find a formal job for Li Baoli. Suddenly Lin Guodong led a typist Lu Xinxin introduced by a factory director. He said that he would turn right as soon as possible. Ma Xuewu was very unhappy. Ma Xuewu returned home, and quarreled with Bao Li because of education Xiaobao. Ma Xuewu put down the shelf to talk to Bao Li. He told Bao Li's house to come down, and the fact that he entered the factory was about to do it. It was done, and Poly was very happy after listening. Xue Wu told her that she must be low -key. He was worried that there would be other people to make badness and variables. It was also threatened by scaring Poly. Lu Xinxin's work was particularly positive and asked Guodong when he could run into the factory. Guodong told her that even Director Ma's lover had been lined up for several years to let Lu Xinxin work hard. The factory employees were not in the house, but the chief of the housing management section gave Director Ma a two -bedroom. Guodong told Xuewujin Factory to have only one indicator. Is it possible to consider Lu Xinxin, and Xue Wu resolutely opposed it, and was not in trouble for Burry. Lu Xinxin also began to show Ma Xuewu, and wanted to obtain the index of entering the factory. The key to Xue Wu will be handed over to Pauli, and the indicator is fine, so that Poly is prepared to resign. Lu Xinxin asked Guodong, and Guodong told her that she would get the indicator unless Li Baoli gave up. The lover of the old factory manager overflowed blood, and Poly couldn't bear to resign at this time, arguing with Xue Wu, and went out without eating a furious meal. It happened to meet Lu Xinxin. The two ate a meal together and returned home until they learned Wu. Lu Xinxin accelerated the attack on Director Ma, and also gave birthday gifts. Bolly took his parents to visit the new house.

Episode 16

Lu Xinxin, in order to turn the horse as soon as possible to please Ma Xuewu as soon as possible, deliberately approach and give gifts to Ma Xuewu. When he is wronged, he will be attached to Director Ma to coquettish. Ma Xuewu also enjoys the ambiguousness of beautiful girls, but he has ghosts in his heart and starts to Li Baoli. The inquiry started to be alert, began to pay attention to dressing himself, and began to lie to Bolly. Ma Xuewu and Lu Xinxin began to get an extramarital affairs. Zheng Jian released prison in advance and returned to Binjiang. Poly saw Zheng Jian from prison at the door of the sock shop. Ma Xuewu refused to accept Zheng Jian on the grounds that Zheng Jian had left the mechanical factory. With the help of the street, Zheng Jian found a driver's job with Dahe Freight Company. Xiaomei and Liu Mao came to celebrate their strong brother. Bao Li took her parents to visit a new house, and her parents saw that Jiang Jingfang praised it again and again. Poly was busy with family trivial matters and new home decoration, and did not notice the abnormal moves of Ma Xuewu at all. Xiao Jing, who found something wrong, reminded Poly that Pauli should pay more attention to the changes in learning Wu and his relationship with herself. Bo Li is still talking about Xue Wu, but Xiaojing still warns him to pay attention at all times that marriage needs to be managed. Poly believes that Ma Xuewu has no derailment, but she still listened to Xiaojing, and supplemented her birthday for Xuewu for one night. Poly deliberately dressed herself. Da Xiumei sang a night incense for him. Xuewu enjoyed it very much, but when Jiao Yan's Pauli fell on Xue Wu and was about to offer herself, she was pushed away by Xue Wu, and Bao Li. Xue Wu also ridiculed Xiao Jing, who was ridiculous, and satirical, turned over and fell asleep. Poly looked at the wedding photos of the two. Guodong was coming to Xuewu, and the indicators of the factory came down. However, Ma Xuewu was sent to Lu Xinxin on the grounds that "fish and bear's paw cannot be both have both". Not so much copy, this is the address of Baidu Encyclopedia

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