Dream Paradise Models of Great Waste, what invitation code does registration need to register? I just like to play people. After half a month or a month, I will release a free invitation code. If you ca n’t grab it, you have to wait for the approval. Anyway, I couldn't stand it for two days, and my father didn't want it!

Some people always say that the setting invitation code is to prevent those who do not contribute to the forum, share the results of others, and go to your uncle! Do you know that I will not contribute? I helped others "Baidu Know" on the Internet and answered dozens of questions! I am willing to contribute, you can't play with me as a grandson? There is a free code every three, either in the early morning or the middle of the night, turning people into dogs like a dog, do you think it is interesting? Who is so idle and do n’t go to work with the junk moderator all day?

Eternal Junk Forum --- Dream Paradise!

I just want to remind a reminder. Do n’t insist that netizens who have the same experience as me. The manager of this Dragon Network is definitely a 2A and 2C, ignore him, this product does not live 2012!