Douban ultra -high score 9.2 points

Netizens said, "This is a movie that cannot be spoiled!"

"Told Island"

Douban score 8.6 points

Netizens' evaluation: Except for the ending part, it is an extremely outstanding suspense thriller story! The suspense is almost perfect, and the thriller is unable to breathe. The memories/dream/hallucination scenes are so dreamy and unforgettable! Photography editing scheduling soundtracks and actors' performances are very much liked ~ Unfortunately, because of the subversion of the truth, the ending part is slightly weak, and it is used to explain too much to weaken the shocking effect.

"Deadly Magic"

Douban score 8.8 points

Netizen comments: The point is that you are eager to be deceived by the plot from the beginning. When you are completely caught in a scam, what you see is only what the director wants to let you see, which is also the greatness of the film. Nolan's control of movie viewing emotions is the same as the same level! ★★★★★

The contest between magicians, strongly recommended

"Muhllan Road"

Douban score: 8.3 points

Netizen comments: It was a movie that I blurred after reading it after reading it. I didn't feel too much until I went to bed at night and suddenly sat up and filmed a movie that was awakened. It is the feeling of dreams. You can use the camera and light to shoot the unknown feeling brought by the dream, thank you David_lynch.

I don't know what to tell again!

"Horror Cruise"

Douban score: 8.3 points

Netizens commented: The best suspense film that has been seen is for rigor, plus one. Essence Essence A world of cycle, the world of Sisyphus. Essence Essence After reading it, we always say that if we give me another chance, what will I do, but is it really like this? The movie gave us a good answer. Essence Essence In the end, people who understand this movie will give 5 stars without hesitation. Essence Essence

How to break the infinite cycle of death?

"Fatal ID"

Douban score: 8.6 points

Netizen comments: exquisite script. A large number of details describe the film is very intriguing, and the tiny changes of the lens when switching the focus are even more metaphorical. The ending is not unexpected, and this kind of film will definitely turn back to the audience. The screenwriter is too good, and the ingenuity echoing before and after is simply admirable. Even the film 6 years ago now seems to be full of fierceness.

A multi -person movie

"Memory pieces"

Douban score: 8.5 points

Netizen comments: The magical editing makes the story content showing a variety of strange and strange paths. In the early stages of memory, only two photos need to be burned and one more footnote. Fate will be like a Hummer who has lost the brakes in history. The hutong bumps straight, and Leina's self -questioning and self -answering discussion in a moment of soberness, you need to read a few times to understand