What do you think of when you mention Michael Jackson? Singing God? Dance God? Or his crazy concert of 72,000 people 5,000 people fainted due to emotional loss?

He is one of the greatest singers in the United States. It is a dancer who makes the world crazy. It is a charity of the world's charities who donate 390 million US dollars and support 39 charity in the world. Michael Jackson can be described in a word, that is, the "King of Popularity"! Unlike other charity, Michael Jackson gave children the most in his life.

He once built a "Dream Manor" covering an area of ​​28 million acres for his children, which is open to children all over the world throughout the year. But Michael Jackson, he protected and loved his child, destroyed his life until he eventually became distrust of anyone. Why do you have such a kind Michael Jackson pushing himself into a fire pit because of his "good deeds"? When I was a child, Michael Jackson knew how to love children better

Michael Jackson was born in a black community in Gary, Indiana, USA. His father, Joseph loved music very much, once set up a small band in the community, but he did not succeed for a long time, which made Joseph began to become slow and angry.

After he did not achieve any achievements, Joseph began to pin his youth dream on his five sons, and formed them a band called "Jackson without a brother", and Michael Jackson served as the lead singer at the time.

At that time, the five brothers were still in school, but the rehearsal accounted for most of the time. When they were delayed, the father did not hesitate to let Michael Jackson drop out of school and let them concentrate on the acting career.

Perhaps because of his father's influence, Michael Jackson has shown interest in music since he was a child. Under the guidance of his father, he showed the talent of singing and dancing when he was five years old. A good way, so I started to stricter them. At this time, Joseph did not treat the five brothers as his own child at all, and he could not meet his requirements.

Michael Jackson once recalled in an interview: Sometimes when we really have no energy, we are lazy. Dad will take off our clothes, and then use the soldering iron with hot oil to hit us. There are several times that we feel that our body is not ours.

In front of the audience, "Jackson without Brothers" needs to show the most beautiful songs in front of the audience with the most enthusiastic attitude, but secretly tortured by his father Joseph. In Joseph's minds, they are no longer their own children, but the "cash cow" with huge potential.

Michael Jackson said in an interview: "I have no real childhood, no happy Christmas, no birthday, and no children should have happiness in childhood."

Perhaps because of her childhood being ruthlessly destroyed, Michael Jackson knew that the children needed happiness, tenderness, and caring when they grew up. How much do Michael Jackson like children?

Michael Jackson once said: It is because I do n’t have a happy childhood, so I now want to get this feeling from other children. Some people always want to know why I was with the children all day, because in them, I found the long -lost parks, playgrounds and games ... So with them, I found the feeling of childhood. Michael Jackson tasted all kinds of hardships and didn't want children to experience it again.

In order to keep more children childlike, he also built a 2800 acres of "Dream Manor" for children of the world. One is to let the children play inside carelessly, and the other is to make up for their lost childhood.

This 2800 -acre "Dream Island Manor" has large amusement parks, artificial lakes, multi -functional sports fields, large theaters and hundreds of animals, which can meet all children's needs at one time. It's a dreamy fairy tale world, spectacular!

And this "Dream Island" is completely free and open to children all over the world for a long time, especially children with family poverty and illness. The charities funded by Michael Jackson continued to come here and experience their childhood happiness with Michael Jackson. No return on a good deed. Michael Jackson ruined because of "goodness"!

In 1993, when Michael Jackson had fun with his children on Dream Island, he never expected that he would be sued by the children who had helped him.

It was not others to sue Michael Jackson to court. It was Jordan Chandler's father. He was loved and saved. From 1992, this incident started. At that time, Jordan Chandler was 13 years old and met Michael Jackson. At that time, he was invited to "Dream Island" by Michael Jackson many times, which was so close to Michael Jackson, so that the media and even claimed that Jordan Chandler was his adopted son.

All of this was seen by Jordan's father. Jordan was born in a single -parent family, his parents divorced, and Jordan lived with his mother. However, because his son was so close to the superstar, Jordan's father was curious about money. After many attempts, Jordan's father finally decided to blame Michael Jackson.

Under the guidance of Jordan, he collected Michael Jackson's false confession to Jordan's sexual assault, and then went to court with Jordan's mother to win his custody. This was the beginning of his life.

Then he called Michael Jackson and accused him of sexual assault and asked for compensation for $ 20 million, otherwise the news would be released. Michael Jackson, who received the call at the time, was shocked. He never thought that a child he was so concerned would end with slandering himself. Considering that he was still being tour, he did not want this to cause the media to chase madly, so he compromised with Jordan's father, but the negotiation failed. Sure enough, Jordan's father gave the fake confession and some fake evidence the next day to the police and ushered in a large number of media.

The news that Michael Jackson sexually assaulted children was spread out shortly after. The media began to blame him as animals, but the masses must not be willing to believe this fact, and began to doubt whether it should not frame him. However, Michael Jackson's sister stood out and let this incident heated up again.

Michael Jackson's sister did not come out to speak for him. On the contrary, she added a knife to him, exposing that he was a childhood. After that, the news spread through every fan, and the police started to come to the door. In a closed room, they asked Michael Jackson to take off all their clothes and take photos as evidence.

Under such circumstances, Michael Jackson completely lost privacy. The police came from time to time to check. The media was in the drum every day, which seriously affected his life. In the end, he compromised and gave Jordan's father $ 25 million. In the end, he resolved it outside the court.

Originally, I thought it could return to the previous happy day. I did not expect that in 2003, Michael Jackson's sexual assault of children began again. This time is Gavin Avizo, a child who is also rescued by Michael Jackson. But this time, Michael Jackson did not choose to compromise, but instead hit the lawsuit to the end. In the end he won, and Gavin Avizo's parents did not get a penny.

However, after these two things, Michael Jackson has been exhausted by all these nightmares. After winning, he only said to the media: "I don't believe anyone anymore."

However, in 2009, Michael Jackson died of an accident, when Jordan Chandler, who sued Michael Jackson, publicly repented. He said that he had lived under a lie for many years, and he couldn't be so conscientious anymore, so he told the truth of the year.

Jordan Chandler said: It was his father who was obsessed with money. Seeing that he and Michael Jackson walked very close, of course, he also won many trust, so he came up with this method to push him. Finally all the answers were resolved. Michael Jackson has been vilified from beginning to end, but now he has left with external misunderstandings.

The fairy tale world is the world that people yearn for, and the expectations and beauty of children in the eyes of children. Like the Datong world in ancient poems, every family does not need to close the door when sleeping. This is just a yearning, and reality and reality. The contradictory world is difficult to survive in the world. He continues the fairy tales to the real world and can not enter the present society.

Michael Jackson's miserable childhood experience made him very much love the child, and he was committed to allowing all children to have a happy childhood. He even built a "dream manor" covering an area of ​​2,800 acres for children of the world. And this "Fantasy Manor" is completely free and is open for children around the world for a long time. But he was sued the court by the father of Jordan Chandler, who had been rescued, to the court and accused him of sexually assaulted his son. Michael Jackson's sister even made up a knife and said he was a pedophile. This series of things has led to Michael Jackson no longer believe in anyone. It wasn't until he died that the truth surfaced. Everything was because the children's family saw wealth and wanted to make money through this series of things.

In the end, the most important reason was destroyed by goodness. In fact, the behavior of being too kind and kind is not right. Finally, there is no good result, so sometimes kindness should pay attention to methods and methods.