Occupy the seven -level area

There are two requirements in the area where the city moves in the game. The first requirement is that the core area must be a level seven resource land, the second requirement is to centered on the resource land, and there must be a area of ​​seven times and seven.


Get a good movement order

There is a difference between moving the city and the establishment of a branch city, and the movement of the city needs to be used to move the city. The movement of the city needs to use ingots to buy in the mall, and every time you move the city, you need to use one. You can also use military merits to exchange cities in the army store. In the large -scale battle activities, in order to help those players who are besieged, there is also a special relocation order compensation. When everyone is besieged by the enemy to reach the specified time, they can receive the movement order.


Demolition all the buildings around you

Qiancheng also requires players to demolish all the buildings around them, because the movement of the city cannot relocate all their buildings. Except for the city pool itself, other defensive labor built on other plots cannot be relocated. So everyone needs to remove all the buildings around the city before moving the city. Click on the building in the outer city, and then choose to remove it, you can send the army to remove all the extra buildings.


Get the resources needed to move the city

Moving the city also needs to use resources. Once the city needs to use various resources, each resources need about one million. You can use the transportation materials between allies. You can send the army to make mining materials in the designated resources.


Recall in a foreign army

If the player cannot move the city outside the city, you need to summon all the outside forces.