Movie works: "Qunying Club", "Dongjiang Special Teams", "Falling Pies in the Sky", "I Wish People Long", "Fate Is Love", "Iron Man"

TV drama works: "Datang Ge Flying", "Silk Road Hero", "Spring in Summer", "Love in Love in the Emotional Day", "Houhai Qian Street", "My Kung Fu Girlfriend"

"Big Adventurer", "Wudang 2", "Blood Sword" Red Ink Fang "

"King Wu Yue Qian", "Open your eyes", "Wu Chengen and Journey to the West"

"Breeze and Mingyue Beauty", "Women's Road", "Love Dream Movie-Season 4", "North Wind Blow"

"Behind Goodness"

"The War of Women's Taoism"

"Husband and Wife's Art of War", "Ruilian"

"Flag Flutter" filming

Masu's movie "Groups", TV series "New White Hair Witch", "Beijing Youth", "Chinese Cavalry", "AA System", "My Kung Fu Girlfriend", "Bandit of Great Southwest", "Beifeng""That Blow", "Women Like a Flower",