The ending of "The Girls" is: Yin Ji escaped the injuries and lost his life. Before his death, he gave her the imperial imperial decree to Renye, so that she would restore her identity. Jin Zhiquan committed suicide in the ancestral temple, and Anonymous said to the Holy Saint that he would not enter the palace. As for several people, several people were sentenced to slaves in different places. Danzhi mother and daughter, shit and fighting back to the national house to find Renye, but Renye finally decided to leave the ring.

"Next Girl" tells the romantic historical drama that does not fear identity and class system, and the fate of the fierce fighting of the roller coaster, and the romantic history of Roman history. It is also the third costume drama of JTBC after the war of the concubine, the cruel history of the palace, and the flowers in the palace. Miss Grand Pavilion, romantic son, male slave slave and other characters appeared.

Brief introduction

Director of Zhao Xianzhuo, screenwriter Zhao Xianzhuo, Zhao Xianqing, Zheng Roumei, Wu Zhihao, and Jin Dongyu starred. This play specifically describes the grudges of people who are not afraid of identity and class system, and the fate of the fiercely undulating fate. Korean ancestors and Taizong disagree caused confusion in political situation, and the rebels suddenly started.

The difference between Taizong was killed by Taizu and went out in person, but was blocked by Xu Yingzhan. Taizong finally sent North Korea's founding veteran Guo Yu to go to Taishang Emperor as a talker. Guo Renye will go to the birthday banquet. Dan'er and Yin Xu met in the secret room. They were smelled unpleasant in the mother -in -law, and they were reprimanded as mortuary workers who did not keep their body and mind cleanliness.

Guo Renye was worried about his father's safety. He went to Bing Cao to go to the birthday banquet and look forward to the soldiers to help her find her father. Yin Yu happily introduced his fiance to Rin Ye, but he did not know that he was Kim Yinji, who was the object of the marriage of Renye's fingertips. Yin Yu's mother told Renye that his father, Guo Yu, was dead, and ridiculed that she was not worthy of Yinji. Renye did not believe and was angry at her daughter, forcing Yin Yu's family to spread silk on the road to let Renye walk through, and Renye's insulting left.