I like Lin Xinru very much. At first, because she also went to watch a few episodes, I started to feel good, especially in terms of shape. It was very bright. It felt like spring and lively. She was also different from the character image created in the past.But it seems that the screenwriter is a bit problematic, and it seems to have changed the personality.In short, a good TV series is not only good in the actor, but also the role of screenwriters cannot be ignored. There is no good script, no matter how good the actors are, it is not worth it for the boss.So you despise An An, there is no reason.The role of the article is also very problematic.Men are the problem, hum.

Why despise her? After watching a few episodes, the plot is average, and the plot goes for Lin Xinru. The plot is too bad.

I despise you, to be honest

Come and despise you, neuropathy!

I still like Lin Xinru himself, there is a problem with that plot