"unmarried man"

This film actor uses the masses of Gujiagou Village. It is a social realistic movie with the distressedness of the old siber in China as the background.Yang, Liang Datou, Gu Lin, Liu Soft, the four bachelor of the past, exposed the laws of the local bachelor's life and the depression of the local bachelor.Won the China Best Director Award, the 11th Tokyo Filmex Film Festival Award, Spain San Sebastian International Film Festival and many other honorary awards.


Very good I have watched it several times than some domestic garbage films

Phoenix.com has a warm and warm life. This movie has introduced this movie. Many behind -the -scenes scenes are good

A Gujiagou Village near Zhangjiakou, Hebei, has more men than women.Some men have money to buy daughter -in -law from Sichuan, but other bachelor can only complain to each other -or solve physiological problems.

Uyghur Xinjiang