1. "One Blossoms of the Waves"

"Lang Duo" is about the female lead who once saved herself, and fell in love with him. After he liked each other, Tang chose and Yun to face many difficulties together. Yun also used his own identity Essence In the end, with the relationship and encouragement of his girlfriend and everyone, Tang realized his ideal as a swimmer, and achieved excellent results in the game.

2. "Painting Heartman"

The heroine of the play is Zhu Xudan, who plays Zhou Yiruo in the new version of "Yi Tian", and the bear played the male lead Ning as the jade. The identity of the heroine in the play is the painter, because the teacher was accidentally rescued by the male lead and others. In the process of resolving the obsession with other partners, their feelings became deeper and deeper, but they found that the male lead was a monster reincarnation, and eventually chose to sacrifice themselves in order to rescue the world.

3. "National Husband"

The play was also starred in the bear. He and the heroine met in the school days and slowly fell in love with each other in daily life. Unfortunately, because many misunderstandings have missed it for many years. After growing up, the two became fake couples because of some things. In the process, the two joined hands to spend many difficulties and their feelings became increasingly identified. The ending of the first part was more abused. The male lead accidentally found that the female lead and his biological death were related to the death of his biological mother.

Xiong Ziqi is a new generation of actor in recent years. Height is really tall. Knowing that he was starring the youth idol drama "A Blossoming of the Waves" in 2017, it was originally watching the drama for the super popular heroine Tan Songyun. classmate.

This TV series is an easy -to -light comedy based on a campus adapted from an online writer's novel. There are many new actors in the show. The main thing is to have a large nerve, cute and cute internship reporter encountered the story of the swimming genius teenager in an interview. In this TV series, Xiong Ziqi because she played a swimmer, so the swimming drama is naturally indispensable, and it also shows the beautiful figure of the teenager in the play.

Needless to say, "I and Two TAs", I went to see Zhang Zifeng, because I really like this girl so much. This TV series is a little fantasy. It tells the girl Lin Yuan and Mathematical Genius teenagers who have just ended the college entrance examination because of some ridiculous farce.

The national husband, the waves of waves, me and two of him, the ultimate ranger, assassin biography, and so on.

Xiong Ziqi has played the TV series "National Husband", "One Blossoming of the Waves", "I and I and I", "Painting Heartman", "The Three Story of the Three Lives of the College", "The Dragon Blood of the Assassin's Dragon Blood Xuanhuang Huang Huang Huang Huang Huang Huang "" Biography of Assassins "," Ultimate Ranger "," Detective Agency of the Republic of China "and" Right Time, Right ". These TV series are very good, and it is worth chasing.

Xiong Ziqi has played "A Blossoms of the Waves", "National Husband", "Painting Heartman", "Ultimate Ranger" and so on. They are all wonderful TV series.